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The Vampire Diaries: The Hardest Who would You Rather (Quiz)

The Vampire Diaries: The Hardest Who ould You Rather (Quiz)

Welcome Back NationTV, The Vampire Diaries series, of course, has many characters that have made our lives better, and we all hope that we will be in the place of Elena or Stefan. These two characters have many love stories like Elena in the introduction to the series. fall in love with a hundred years vampire Stefan Salvatore, but she faces a difficult choice to choose whom she loves the most. Stefan Salvatore, who is the true love of her life, or Damon Salvatore, the vampire who loves destruction, but can you blame her two of the best vampires in the series?

Would You Rather be a Mikaelson Or a Salvatore

On the other hand, Stefan Salvatore, and is the one who fell in love the most in the series, Stefan's First true love was Valerie and she was pregnant with a child, but she was beating up by Julian and later Stefan returns to Mystic Falls to fall in love with Elena and many characters such as the original vampire Rebekah Michaelson and the Marvelous Caroline Forbes, we don't really know if she loved her or not but she deserves to be mentioned either you liked it or not but Katherine was a big part of Stefan Salvatore's life since she's the one who turned him into a vampire but eventually Stefan ended up with Caroline, every Character in TVD has faced a Difficult Choice let's see how well will you do shall we take this quiz to see who you like the most and rather choose over the other?

Would You Rather be Elena Gilbert Or Katherine Pierce

Who Would You Rather From The Vampire Diaries Quiz 

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