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The Vampire Diaries: Which Vampire are you an Original Vampire or a Beast?

The Vampire Diaries: Which Vampire are you an Original Vampire or a Beast?

Welcome back Nation, We have seen many types of vampires in many movies and series, but today we will talk about the Vampire Diaries Universe and The originals at the beginning of the Vampire Diaries. We saw Stefan an ordinary vampire, but the vampires in the Vampire Diaries are different from the rest of the movies or series. So, the vampires in tvd are extremely strong, unlike the rest, and vampires do not behave strangely like others, they are like humans and very intelligent, but Stefan and Damon are ordinary vampires after several seasons. We got to know the original family and they are the first vampires in history Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah, and Rebekkah Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries Stefan Salvatore

The original family are the oldest vampires on earth, they are the ones who ordinary vampires come after, and the original vampires are insanely powerful, unlike the ordinary vampires that you can kill in several ways, such as killing them with a stake or rip their heart out. The original don't die that easy, they are Immortals, but nature always finds a way to kill anything that lives forever. The original can be killed by the white oak stake, and this white oak stake was the one who created the originals, this wood is so rare because the original has destroyed all the white oak stake in the world, but there was a few left. the originals vampires could kill armies of vampires without effort. They are undoubtedly strong and feared by other vampires because you can't kill them. also if you killed one of the originals you kill everyone who has transformed by him its called sireline, because the originals are the first they are the one who turned every other vampire,

The Originals: Hayley ,Elijah ,Klaus ,Rebekah, Hope

But in The Originals, we got acquainted with a new type of vampire called the beast aka an upgraded original vampire. This type of vampire is far superior to the original vampires. Only 2 of this type were made, both Lucien and Marcel, they were made to kill the original family. Klaus tried to heal his brother Finn, but the bite could not be cured, but after several episodes, Freya Mikaelson found a way to heal her brother's from this bite, she also found a way to kill this type of vampires, and the original family managed to kill Lucien, but Marcel is alive so far as part of the family,

The Originals: Lucien Transform into a Beast

So Which Type of Vampires are You In The Vampire Diaries? Are you An Original Or a Beast?

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