Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

About Us - Top Nation

What is NATION?

NATION is a website that provides viral content. We started our journey in 2019. We decided to launch our website that will provide viral content.


We are More than religion, we need entertainment in society. More than reasons to argue, we don't need reasons to smile and spread joy all over the world.


We just want everyone to laugh without any reason, bring joy to their life. Now the Society has forgotten what it is like to laugh, to live in the moment, but they are worried and busy all the time.

Meet the Team

NATION is the combined effort of One human. the crazy one. who wants to always known and to spread joy in the world without any reason and to everyone to live their life as long as we can i hope i can succeed in this website because it's my work and i love it so if you want to contact with me you feel free to do it