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The Originals: The Real Reason Why Leah Pipes left The Show (Fans told her to die of cancer)

The Originals: The Real Reason Why Leah Pipes left The Show (Fans told her to die of cancer)

The Real Reason Why Camille died in The Originals
Why Leah Pipes Left The Originals

  • some fans of The Originals And Vampire Diaries were outraged that Camille Kissed Klaus on the mid-Season finale
  • They wrote offensive tweets, calling her 'ugly' and that they wished she died 

The actress who took part in the popular CW movie The Originals revealed that she faced an avalanche of online abuse from cruel trolls who told her to "die", simply because her character had kissed someone on the show.

While some fans were happy to see the character of the actress (Leah Pipes), Camille finally kissed the protagonist in the show Klaus Mikaelson, played by the actor Joseph Morgan, after weeks of tension, left some viewers angry because they were hoping that Klaus would meet again with his former flame, Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes, played by actress Candice Accola - they quickly took her out on Lea in a series of vitriolic tweets.

After enduring hateful comments about the fictional storyline, Leah, 27, spoke against bullying on Twitter and wrote: `` It's fun to have different opinions about ships, but I just woke up to my entire feed filled with someone saying they hopped I die of cancer. ''

The actress also replied to the fans who said they hoped she would die saying: `` This crosses the line. This is a terrifying thing to tell someone. Throughout the "ship"? This is my job. To play pretend. "

Lea fans have reported the Twitter user, who has since been banned from the social media site.

But the abuse against the actress did not stop there. Dozens of viewers, who wanted Klaus to be with Caroline and others who were hoping to meet the mother of his child, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), called Leah 'Ugly' and said her character was undeserving of Klaus.

The mean comments were particularly jarring because soon after their kiss, Camille was killed from the show.

another Tweet

Comments have become so offensive that Julie Plec, creator of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, has gone to Twitter to support Leah and speak up against hateful bullies.

Despite the hatred of some fans, Leah was grateful for her time on the show and tweeted after the middle of the season's end: `` I've had such an explosion playing The Brave Bartender in the past few years. Thank you all who loved her, she will be missed.

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  1. I don't hate Leah pipes, she is a good actress, and her character Camille was good for Klaus but with that being said her appearance for me just didn't fit the role. Unfortunately, while she is beautiful, she looks much older than she really is. Much older than her fellow cast members and her character being a therapist and wise beyond her years does not help this cause. She is a beautiful talented actress she just didn't fit well with the rest of the cast.

  2. I disagree with the above post. I thought she was great for the character, did an awesome job and could just see the chemistry between Cami and Nicklaus. I saw the chemistry between them much more than I did with Caroline. I just cannot stand the fact that fans took to social media telling poor Leah to die of cancer, those sick twisted people need to be ashamed of themselves. This is a TV show, not real life, get over it if the plot doesn't go the way you wanted it to, don't go off on one and say twisted, sick and just downright despicable comments that basically made it too hard for Leah to continue on with The Originals which was such a shame. She was one of my favourite characters and I'd hoped that Cami and Nicklaus got together in the end.

  3. Exactly! There was much more chemistry between Klaus and Camille and her role fit perfectly with Klaus haunted mind! It baffles me that people wanted Caroline and Klaus together, y'all clearly don't fathom chemistry and love even if it hit you directly on your face, no wonder y'all in such bad relationships. Also, the fact that you went personally for Cami because of playing her role well and doing her job is downright pathetic! Check yourselves, smh.


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