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Is (Alaric) Matthew Davis fired from Legacies?

Is (Alaric) Matthew Davis fired from Legacies?

Matthew Davis, who plays Alaric in teen show Legacies may be fired from the cast.

Legacies is Matthew Davis is Removed From Legaices?
Is Matthew Fired From Legacies?
Matthew Davis is an American actor who played Alaric Saltman in Vampire Diaries. Currently, he continues his role in The Vampire Diaries Spin-off "Legacies" series

Legacies is an on-going show that is based on Klaus Mikaelson's daughter “Hope” and Salvatore school for the young and gifted kids who have supernatural powers, where Alaric is the Headmaster. The Latest episode “Facing darkness is kinda my thing” was released on March 26, 2020, and it was announced the season finale. There is no news on Season 3 yet. Recently Matthew posted some weird stuff on Twitter.

Matthew Davis Twitter

On April 18, Matthew tweeted about boycotting China and how they lied to us. Because of his tweet, he was declared racist and xenophobic. Fans started attacking him on Twitter replies.

Alaric (Matthew) Quickley deleted his Tweet after being attacked by many fans, There are some fans, who say he is not only blaming the Chinese government but he was expressing hatred towards all China, plus he also threatened a fan of the Show (Legacies) on Twitter, the tweets were deleted but some fans managed to take screenshots before they were deleted,

After Matthew posted this tweet, problems began between him and some other actors, such as Kaylee Bryant (Josie) Lulu Antariksa (Penelope) Also Danielle Rose Russell (Hope) they all unfollowed him on Twitter, Moreover, there was a video of Matthew during the comic-con being inappropriate towards Danielle (Hope),

Petition To Recast Alaric Saltzman with Jensen Ackles

after these tweets, the fans began a petition on to fired Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman and Cast Jensen Ackles, From Supernatural TV Show, Dean Winchester

However, It is possible that Matthew will not be fired because he is a main character since the Vampire Diaries Series

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  1. I don’t wish for him to be fired. I’ve educated myself on this whole mess. He didn’t threaten a fan, a fan threatened him. Someone had said they were going to find his address and show up to his house, he retaliated by saying that they would regret doing so. If someone were to threaten me with finding my home address and showing up to my house, I’d do just the same. You don’t know if I have a family there or not so why say something as stupid as that. None of you can say you wouldn’t do the same to protect yourself or your family. None. You are all blowing this up more than it needs to be. Yes, he spoke his opinion about something and many of you disagreed and attacked him, but there’s no need for all of this. You’re all acting like children trying to make someone look bad by twisting things. This is exactly like the situation with Johnny Depp being abused. He was being attacked because his “wife” had flipped it around and said it was her who was being abused. Y’all gotta chill out. This isn’t as serious as the other shit going on right now

  2. That's right if you don't like what he's saying than don't read his stuff not everyone agrees with a lot of thing all I got to say is go on with you life and be your self someone is always going to hate so let them they just mad because they not you


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