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The Vampire Diaries: Which Blonde is Going to Plan Your Wedding

 The Vampire Diaries: Which Blonde is Going to Plan Your Wedding

The Vampire Diaries: Which Blonde is Going to Plan Your Wedding
TVD Blonde's

Welcome Back Nation, The Vampire Diaries has many amazing characters. The show featured many interesting female characters who were strong and independent and became a source of inspiration for the viewers. These female characters have gone through a lot throughout 8 seasons. Take, for example, the character of Caroline Forbes. Before she turned into a vampire, a girl was full of insecurity, and this often led to intense competition with Elena Gilbert.

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes
Caroline with Klaus

There are many good qualities that viewers can learn from Caroline Forbes. The strength and determination shown in the show are inspiring. She has always been very loyal and protective of her friends and loved ones. Caroline has a gentle, loving, and sensitive nature. But it wasn't always like this, at first, she was very insecure and nervous. This led to her becoming a superior, creating many complications and flaws in her character that she overcame as the show progressed.

The Originals Rebekah Mikaelson
Rebekah Mikaelson

One of the show's most warm, optimistic, sweet, bubbly, and fun characters is Rebekah. She also showed a loving, honest, and confident personality towards her friends. As the show continued, her character suffered many grief and losses making her more serious and mature. Despite all the pain and hardships, she chose to remain strong in the face of all difficulties and dangers.

lizzie saltzman actress
Lizzie Saltzman and Sebastian

Lizzie Saltzman or Elizabeth Jenna Saltzman is one of the main characters on "Legacies," which is part of The Vampire Diaries. She and Josie are twins born in difficult situations. Their father is Alaric Saltzman and her biological mother is Josette while Caroline is their surrogate mother. They are transported by magic to Caroline's womb in the Vampire Diaries so they are safe from their uncle, Kai Parker.

but they all have one thing in common which is they love being in control in everything so if there's a wedding they Definitely are the one to help you 

Let's See Which Blonde Will Plan Your Wedding

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