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Only a True "Vampire Diaries" Fan Can Answer was it Katherine Or Elena?

Only a True Vampire Diaries Fan Can Answer was it Katherine Or Elena?

Welcome back Nation, On The Vampire Diaries, the Petrova doppelganger are nearly identical, but their personality is completely different. While Elena Gilbert is good, Katherine Pierce is evil. Both characters developed an admiration for Salvatores, Whereas Katherine is a selfish woman who can manipulate anyone and do anything for her own survival, while Elena is a kind and compassionate woman who changed Salvatores through her love.

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While Elena Gilbert becomes the stunning heroine of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine was the ruthless villain of the show that managed to stir up trouble for everyone in Mystic Falls. Katherine was a powerful villain that always seemed to be unstoppable. A cunning five-hundred-year-old vampire caused a rift between the Salvatore brothers. she was the Salvatore's, first love. Katherine made her TVD debut at the end of the first season, "Founder's Day," where she pretended to be Elena and kissed Damon Salvatore.

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Nina Dobrev did a great job portraying those two different types of characters on screen. There are many differences between the two doppelgangers, Elena and Katherine Pierce. Elena's feelings were constantly changing between Stefan and Damon, thus creating a conflicting love triangle creating an emotional storm for all of the characters. When it comes to Katherine, she lets Damon know clearly that she does not like him. Although she could have continued manipulating Damon, she told him the truth. This gave Damon a closure to move on,

Let's See if you can Tell the Difference Between The two doppelgangers was it Elena Or Katherine?

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