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Take The Quiz to See if You Can Survive in The Vampire Diaries?

Let's See if You Can Survive in The Vampire Diaries?

Welcome back NationMystic Falls, a town that serves as a beacon for all kinds of supernatural creatures. A town was found in 1860 and since then has become home to many creatures like vampireswerewolves, and witches. With a population of about 7 thousand people, but it has a large number of deaths, it is also home to many rare and unusual historical events. Surviving in this town isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you are a human being, chances are high that you will end up losing your life if you are not careful enough. Many TVD fans love to visit this fairytale town and fantasize about living their imaginations, but the question is, can they survive?

Well, here are some tips that you can use to survive in this mysterious town. Always always! Keep a supply or Vervain nearby. This special plant has many unique abilities, it helps you with the compulsion of vampires, and if it is ingested in the blood then such blood vampires cannot consume it. Many vampires have also used this plant to resist their vampire natures and to prevent the compulsion of powerful vampires like The Originals, Vervain is a major component of Mystic Falls's survival.

TVD Quiz

This is where the Mikaelson family lived after moved from Norway. And they heard that this land is magical and blesses its people with power and speed. However, when tragedy struck them, Mother Esther transformed her family into creatures known as vampires. The Originals, the world's first vampires, are the ancestor of all the world's vampires.

So Let's Take This Quiz and Find Out If you Can Survive In Mystic Falls Or Not?

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