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How Well Do You Know Werewolves From The Vampire Diaries

How Well Do You Know Werewolves From The Vampire Diaries
TVD Universe Werewolves

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Nation. Almost extinct supernatural species are werewolves. These are the people who turn into very hostile, fearful, and aggressive wolves during a full moon. Even when they're not as wolves, they still possess many supernatural abilities. Werewolves are very deadly enemies of vampires as their bite contains a poison that can easily kill a vampire. When in wolf form, they are determined to fight and kill any vampire in their sight.

Hayley Marshall From The Originals

Werewolves are very old and they are much older than vampires. Their origin story was revealed in Originals' "Voodoo in My Blood" episode.(Inadu) The Hollow was a very powerful witch, she cursed her tribe who killed her, Since the tribe hunted her with wolves and killed her at the full moon, she cursed them that on the night of the full moon, people would automatically turn into monstrous creatures. Circumstances surrounding Hollow’s death resulted in the birth of a werewolf gene that was then passed through generations of the tribe and resulted in seven packs of werewolves or bloodlines.

The Originals Jackson

There are many ways to become a wolf in different lore, but in The Vampire Diaries there is only one way, In order to activate a werewolf gene, an individual must take a life. Also, the werewolf's curse can also be automatically activated if one takes a life accidentally or unintentionally. Once the gene is activated, a person will experience werewolf powers and their eyes will also change color. Werewolves have a supernatural power that makes them stronger than humans, super hunters, and immortals. They also have super speed, super agility, super durability, healing, and very enhanced sensations.

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