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The Originals: Who is Your Date From The Mikaelsons?

The Originals: Who is Your Date From The Mikaelsons?
The Originals Boys

Welcome back to Nation. The Mikaelsons brothers are one of the most powerful vampires in existence, they are the originals. They first appeared in The Vampire Diaries and then went on to their private show called "The Originals." Among the Mikaelsons brothers, Klaus Mikelson is the most powerful original vampire because he is also a hybrid. Klaus is the first Hybrid in existence. Elijah is the one who can face Klaus. The two had a relationship of love and hate, but the more time came, Elijah stood by Klaus. he is the first original to appear on The Vampire Diaries, When Damon Killed him, we discovered later that he can not be killed like an ordinary vampire. Practically he's unkillable without the white oak.

We saw that once Elijah takes 100 vampires at the same time, he is kind and merciful. Kol Mikaelons is the wildest of the Mikaelsons family. he is black sheep because he is very reckless. He doesn't even fear Klaus, we saw him challenge Klaus and provoke Klaus,

We couldn't see much of Finn, though he may have been the weakest original vampire because he had been a dagger for a long time. But he is definitely brave because he does not fear death. He was ready to die for his loved ones and that's what he did when he tried to save his brother from Lucian.

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