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The Vampire Diaries: How Well Do You Know Mystic Falls?

Do You Know Your Favorite City From The Vampire Diaries History? if you are true Fan then Finish This Historical Quiz

The Vampire Diaries: How Well Do You Know Mystic Falls
TVD Mystic Falls Quiz

Welcome Back NationTV, The Vampire Diaries introduced us to many wonderful cities A picturesque town in central Virginia called Mystic Falls. This city has a long history of witches, werewolves, vampires, and all kinds of supernatural creatures. Many historical events have occurred in this town. The town has a population of 6,923 people. This town is the hotspot of many supernatural creatures. It is also one of the few places where on-traditional magic has had no effect. This meant that magic artifacts and supernatural species had no effect in the town. It was only when travelers threw a spell to undo the non-traditional magic within the boundaries of the town.

Elena Meet Damon First

The town dates back 1,000 years, during the Viking Age when the Mikaelson family heard about the land blessed by its inhabitants for the gift of strength and speed. So they left the place where they lived because of the plague and because of the death of their youngest child Henrik, they moved to the land that later became known as Mystic Falls.

When their youngest child, Henrik, was killed, while he and Klaus discovered the secret of wolves. This prompted their mother Esther to create the vampire race. The town is the birthplace of the originals. Several centuries later this magical land was discovered by founding families who called it Mystic Falls.

How Well Do you Know Mystic Falls From The Vampire Diaries

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