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The Vampire Diaries: Who Said it The Hardest Quiz You'll Ever Take

The Vampire Diaries: Who Said it The Hardest Quiz You'll Ever Take

Welcome back Nation, The Vampire Diaries series has a lot of cool things. Real fans of the series remember everything despite the length of the series, but they remember every simple thing about the show, We have learned a lot of things like how the first vampires were made, the series has lasted for eight seasons, and the series has achieved very great success, despite its tone, we can say that it surpasses many series or films in its kind.

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes

the show also introduced to us many things like vampires, wolves, and witches. The series presented us with many characters over the eight seasons, and each character has its own style in the series and always puts their mark in the series such as Klaus Mikaelson and his original family Klaus is am original and hybrid The Original vampires can compel ordinary vampires like What vampires do to humans, the original can do with ordinary vampires after Taylor bites Damon, Stefan had to find a cure to his brother, so he went to Klaus Mikaelson to get his blood which cures a bite a werewolf. but Klaus didn't do it for free he made Stefan turn off his humanity switch and become the Ripper, in that form Stefan can't control his bloodlust towards human's and Klaus was always calling Stefan Rippahh

Damon Salvatore age

And Caroline after an important event she always responds with that word seriously, but in her own way, each character has a word that he has been famous for in the series, such as Elijah, who is an original vampire, he's Klaus Michaelson brother and known to say you have my world and his sister Rebekah with Bloody Hell and we all know what Elena says I don't know what I feel 

Let's Take This Vampire Diaries Who Said it Quiz To find out how Well Do You Know The Show

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