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Klaus Mikaelson 8 Amazing Quotes That Prove His Charming

Klaus Mikaelson 8 Amazing Quotes That Prove His Charming

Welcome back to Nation TV. Klaus Mikaelson was the protagonist of ‘The Originals’. He is the anti-hero of The Show Vampire Diaries. He also is the first of his kind The Original Hybrid, his name is Niklaus Mikaelson. The son of Esther Mikaelson and the werewolf Ansel, and step-son of Mikael. Klaus is the protective half-brother of Kol, Rebekah, Freya, Elijah, Finn, and Henrik. he has a daughter named Hope Andrea Mikaelson with Hayley Marshall, Hope is the main hero of the spinoff Legacies.

Klaus was first introduced to us in The Vampire Diaries while having a Conversation Between Stefan and Rose in the Second Season of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus was trying to broke the curse that his mother Esther made to unlink his connection with his Werewolf side, which he needed Petrova Doppelganger and Moonstone, first time he meets Katherine he was going to broke the curse with her but she figures it out and escaped from him and he was hunting Katherine her whole life

Klaus is considered the Second Strongest in his Original Family while his Step-father Mikael is the Stronger but he Was weaker than his Father because of the curse but when he did broke the Curse he becomes the Most Powerful Being in his Family while he considered one of the Strongest Immortal Beings on The Vampire Diaries Universe, 

Top 10 Worst Things Done By Klaus Mikaelson In The Vampire Diaries

1. You never wanna make this guy your enemy!

2. Klaus is a great dad! To protect his daughter Hope, he could go to any extent.

3. The strongest foundations are built not on love, but on merciful lies.

4. Klaus is every girl’s prince charming.

5. Sad reality. The world sometimes forces people to become bad.

6. He could be extremely cold and distant.

7. Just Villain Things.

8. Every creature in the world dies alone.

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