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Top 10 Strongest Vampire In The Originals

Top 10 Strongest Vampire in The Originals

Note: This list only For The Originals Show so no Characters From Vampire Diaries
1 - Lucian
Here Comes The number 1 Vampire

Lucien is The First Ever Vampire Turned in History He got turned by Klaus Mikaelson
Which Make is Age Very Superior To any other Vampire

But he Spends his immortal life as a vampire searching for a Serum that makes him Stronger Than An Original
he did become Much Stronger Than Original Vampire but eventually, he died

2 - Marcel
"Marcel the "little warrior 

After Marcel Drinks the Serum That Lucien Make he went to confront Klaus about Davina But Elijah Killed him while The Serum still in his system

and Came Back as The Beast Who will Put The Original Family Down and He did

3 - Hope Mikaelson

Hope Mikaelson Like Father Like Daughter She is One of Her Kind Hope Is a True Tribid
She Proves in Young age that she can take care of herself and even more powerful than Davina in her top moments

We Still don't know her full powers She didn't Activate her Vampire Side yet

4 - Klaus Mikaelson

The Big Bad Wolf

Klaus The Original Hybrid Is Way Powerful than a Normal Original he have Part Vampire And Part Werewolf Which Makes him One of His kind and he is the oldest Vampire His age gives him Advantage over other Immortal beings
5 - Mikael

Mikael is The Originals Father
But unlike them, he was Much Stronger And Faster
He is known As The Vampire Who Hunts Vampire The Destroyer the spend all of his Time on Earth hunting Klaus

6 - Elijah

The Nobleman
Elijah Mikaelson The Dangers one in The Family Doesn't Talk Much 
But In Action He is definitely One Of the Strongest

7 - Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson The Girl Who Loved Too Easily
Rebekah is an Original She was Able to kill Entire Army From The Strix alone After being stapped over a hundred year

8 - Kol Mikaelson
The Youngest Original The Psychopath Vampire  Kol is one of the Originals Vampire
He only Cares about himself he like Klaus don't care about anything until he meets Davina

9 - Shen Mina

 Member Of The Strix turned by Elijah he is one of the strongest vampires he is one of the oldest Vampire Ever The Almost Killed Marcel And Hayley

10 - Aya

Aya is the Leader of The Strix After The Originals Traped Tristian She is one of The Strix and An Ancient Vampire Who over 500 year old

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