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The Vampire Diaries - The 5 Best Villains of the Series

 The Vampire Diaries - The 5 Best Villains of the Series

While The fans might root for the heroes of TVD Show, they cannot help but have great feelings for some of the villains too. whether or not they love the charismatic jerk that stole their hearts or hates the annoying person who overstayed his welcome, villains make the maximum amount of an enduring impression because of the heroes.

TVD created rich and sophisticated antagonists that pulled at the audience's heartstrings and garnered their sympathy. The series also excelled in similar gender distribution between its baddies, showing multi-faceted female villains exist. Here are the five best villains throughout TVD's eight seasons.

BEST: Klaus And Elijah Mikaelson
Elijah And Klaus
The Mikaelson brothers counted together villain, as usually wherever one was, the opposite wasn't far behind. They're sadistic dynamic acted as a parallel to Damon and Stefan Salvatore. While Klaus was the impulsive brother capable of cruelty for cruelty's sake, Elijah played the role of the reserved brother who enacted violence only necessary.

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Regardless, both relished ripping out their enemies' throats and toying with their victims. But the grins they did it with easily won fans over. It's hard to remain mad at such handsome faces.

BEST: Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce Human
Formerly referred to as Katerina Petrova, Katherine fought to survive and created a legacy that nobody can deny. Sure, she manipulated the Salvatore brothers to fall crazy together with her and she or he abandoned her friends to the crypt, but she did it all out of self-preservation.

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Fans can not help but Love Katherine as a real badass villain because she did terrible things but she did them for human purposes and survive.. and again she survived As usual until she was turned back to human by Elena, and she finally succumbed to mortality.

BEST: Rayna Cruz
Rayna Cruz Vampire diaries
Also called the Huntress, Rayna Cruz built her presence within the series as a slow burn. The mystery that shrouded the Huntress made her a formidable enemy as nobody knew what she seemed to like or how she came to be. Her history was slowly unraveled to reveal that her power came from a familial vendetta against all vampires.

As she gets closer to her victims, she spends longer in their heads, so she becomes keen on Stefan. But her true villainy is passing on the torch to Bonnie.

BEST: Sybil And Seline
Sybil And Seline The Vampire Diaries
The Siren sisters became added another similarity to the Salvatore brothers. Sybil claimed that Seline condemned her to measure as a monster, a sentiment that Stefan knew only too well because it was he who convinced Damon to show into a vampire.

As she served Arcadius, bringing him souls to Hell, she felt conflicted about having to prey on evil spirits. very similar to Damon and Stefan, Sybil eventually became the more monstrous sibling and Seline had to temper her.

BEST: Kai Parker
Kai Parker Return To Legacies
The Gemini Coven siphon who left the alternative dimension he'd been held in was a villain that followers couldn't help but just to love.
. Kai Parker committed abhorrent crimes against the Salvatores, Elena and his sister Jo. The audience should have despised his character, and yet, his charming sense of humor made him a lover favorite.

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Kai was an absolute psychopath and he killed with glee. As sick as he was, fans went by for the ride. It's scary how easy it had been to fall crazy with a murderous psycho.

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