Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Most Powerful Vampires, Ranked

Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the article, English is my second language

The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Most Powerful Vampires, Ranked

The Vampire Diaries: The 5 Most Powerful Vampires, Ranked
The Vampire Diaries the 5 Most Powerful Vampires

Mystic Falls is a place filled with a variety of supernatural creatures. The Vampire Diaries explore the complex relationship between the two brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, And Elena Gilbert and they find themselves fighting all kinds of danger that comes with the help of their friends.

Throughout the eight seasons, Damon, Stefan, and Elena experience good and evil together, and in the vampire diaries, there are no similar vampires, each of them has special abilities. Yes, everyone has speed and everything, but age varies and depends also on the type of blood that they drink, for example, Stefan was drinking only animal blood, and this makes him Weak and Damon, always drinks human blood, and every vampire also has a special ability such as controlling birds and a lot of things.

Note: This list is only For The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce

The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce

Being strong isn't just about physicality, although Katherine is 500 years old, Katherine have so many abilities that allow her to be always one step ahead from her enemies, she's very intelligent and not easy to deceive, and we can say it is impossible to deceive her.

Katherine has deceived many people throughout the seasons, even she deceived the king of deception, Klaus, and this is a person that no one escapes from, wherever he will find you, Katherine managed to escape and live for 500 years, and Klaus was unable to catch her (but Klaus did not search the earth for her if he really wanted to find her, he could)

This was nothing compared to her new abilities when she took over hell and remained the new queen of hell after Cade's death. She is no longer a vampire, but she has become like a Cade, She can enter and exit hell as she wants.

The Mikaelson Siblings

The Mikaelson Siblings

The originals vampires do not die easily unlike the Ordinary ones, the Ordinary vampires can die from wood to the heart, but the originals do not die from this. They have special weapons, which are the dagger and the white oak stake, the dagger can make them sleep but when you remove it they come back to life, White Oak Stake kills them, but when you kill an original every vampire that turn from him dies with him,

Mikael Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries Mikael Mikaelson

Mikael is the father of all the original siblings and unlike the rest of the vampires, Mikael does not feed on anything alive just on vampires and they call him the vampire who hunts vampires since they turned to vampires and Mikael tries to kill Klaus after discovering that he is not a son,

Michael is not an ordinary vampire he's very powerful and when vampires were created Mikael was stronger than all of them until it was discovered that Klaus is not his son and that Klaus is a hybrid 

Klaus Mikaelson

The Vampire diaires Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus is the original hybrid. Klaus, unlike his siblings, Klaus enjoys all the benefits of being an Original vampire who possesses immortality and the strength of the original vampire, but he is also a werewolf. This makes him a hybrid and makes him stronger than any vampire even more powerful than the originals vampires

This has been shown so many times that Elijah is considered the most powerful original vampire after Mikael Elijah a very very professional fighter and we can say that it is impossible for Elijah to be defeated one against one but when the curse of Klaus was broken and he became an original hybrid, Klaus showed his real strength and he could defeat Elijah Although Klaus is not a fighter, he only depends on his physical strength

Being a hybrid, a dagger cannot make Klaus go to sleep like his siblings

Alaric Saltzman

The Vampire Diaries Alaric Saltzman Vampire

Alaric was the 2.0 and improved version of Michael. Alaric was created by Esther's the originals mother and made him very scary Esther transformed Alaric into a vampire hunter like Mikael but stronger and faster and has his own weapon of the White Oak stake but this weapon cannot be destroyed

Alaric was so strong that he defeated Klaus even after Klaus broke the curse and became Hybrid, and this is something very amazing when Klaus encountered Mikael, as only Vampire Mikael could beat Klaus, but after Klaus broke the curse Klaus became more powerful than him. but Alaric was easily defeating Klaus in the school, it's impossible for any vampire to go against 2 originals at the same time but Alaric could do it

But Alaric's only weakness was Elena when he was transferred. His life was linked to Elena’s life. When Elena dies, he dies. But during the episodes, Alaric became human again.

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