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Supernatural: Which Dean are You Demon Dean Or Dichael

Supernatural: Which Dean are You Demon Dean Or Dichael

Supernatural Dean Winchester was definitely a hero most of the time, but he also had moments where he acted as a villain.

The amount of good in the world that Winchester does in Supernatural is incredible. From families saving each other to the world, they have their problems but they are undoubtedly heroes. Even as individuals, they do a lot of good. Dean is upset as much as it comes, but his selflessness, care, and skill led him to perform in a slew of championships over the fifteen seasons of the show.

Besides these heroics, though, Dean could find himself doing wrong, making mistakes, and being more malicious than heroic, whether it was because he wasn't in control or because he mistakenly believed he was doing good, something Sam and Cass were guilty of. also to commit them.

Deanmon (Dean Winchester)

Supernatural Deanmon (Dean Winchester)

This is also slightly different from the other entries; He wasn't Dean doing it on purpose because of the Mark of Cain, but it was the Mark Cain, and without that, Denmon would never have happened.

Dean's recklessness drove him to kill Metatron and his affection to the First Blade to the angel who killed him. As Crowley knows, Mark had to keep Dean alive, and so he became a demon, or rather a Knight of Hell, who did a lot of evil during his time as such.

Dichael (Alternate Michael)

Supernatural Dichael (Alternate Michael)

There is still debate over who will win head-to-head between Michael and Lucifer. Fans saw the two compete disappointingly, but Michael had his perfect ship at Dean Winchester while Lucifer was still riding his trusty Nick.

Given that Michael's surrogate killed Lucifer's surrogate in battle, Michael appears to be the winner on equal terms. With all the powers of an Archangel, but with plenty of bragging, dexterity, skill, and Michael's spear, Michael is pretty much the complete package and has the ability to defeat any supervillain in a fight except for two.

Let's Find Out Which Dean Being From Supernatural Are you Archangel Dean (Dichael) Or Demon Dean (Knight of Hell)

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