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Supernatural - Which Demon from Supernatural are you ?

Supernatural - Which Demon from Supernatural are you?

Supernatural - Which Demon from Supernatural are you?
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Welcome to Nation TV, So in Supernatural, we Started with Just Basic Stuff Like Ghost Zombie, and Other Supernatural Creatures, but we got introduced to Demons in Later Season, the Demons are Evil Spirits, the very opposite of the Angels, Actually they are created from human souls, when a human soul has endured immense amount of torture in Hell by the notorious demons such as Alastair, after this torture, the Souls becomes evil, and the Demons are Very Powerful, but the demons requites a vessel just like the angels, they can walk in their form smoke, but they prefer to possess human 
The Demons Have Forgotten how does it feel to be human, there are even Few Demons that Believe in Lucifer Plan to Cleanse the earth and that they are Superior to Humans, Demons can Possess human simply by entering their mouth, and they can act like the person they possessed to fool whatever they face, they can change their eyes depends on the demon Class, there is, Red Eye, Yellow Eye, the most are Black eyes, 
so you can become a demon on the supernatural show you need to make deal with the crossroad demons or the other way to go to hell, but which demon will you become this what we going to find out today 

Let's take this Quiz to know Which Demon From Supernatural you Really Look Like Share it with your friends to take the Quiz with you 

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