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Supernatural - Is The Empty going to let Crowley wake up

Welcome Back Nation TV, Supernatural is very long Show, Through the Show journey the introduce to us a lot of Characters as they Introduce Character's the also kill a lot of Our Favorite Character on the Show, such as Gabriel, Alternative Michael, and so many Character's,  
in season 12 the show introduce Son of Lucifer, Jack after jack was born he opens a portals to another universe, were The Archangel Michael kills everything on it, there are only a few hunters and supernatural creatures are on the run from the angels, and Lucifer was coming to take his son Jack from the Boys but the boys weren't gonna let that happens the boys did fight with Lucifer in the other universe until Crowley and Sam close the Portals so they trap lucifer there but the final thing to close it, was a Alife so Crowley had to Sacrifice himself to trap the Devil as Payback for what Lucifer did to him

" Crowley is sleeping now in The Empty, Andrew Dadd the showrunner, spoke with TVLine " we Know The Empty is a Character for us, So I would say there'd have to be a really good reason for This Being to Let Crowley Wake up, and I don’t know that reason has been presented quite yet"

With just nine episodes remaining in the show, Supernatural is running out of time to bring the character back. If Crowley’s return isn’t planned at this time, it looks unlikely to happen. Of course, Dabb can be misleading fans so as not to spoil the surprise
Crowley's Death

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