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Supernatural - 10 Most Powerful Weapon in The Show

Supernatural - 10 Most Powerful Weapon in The Show

Supernatural - 10 Most Powerful Weapon in The Show
Welcome Back Natin TV, in Supernatural we have seen Weapon's we can't keep track with them we are in the final season now we have seen a lot of weapons from other beings on the Show that proved to be considered to be world most powerful weapon 

so we going to have look at these weapons and Ranking Them According to Their Powers 
we have 10 most powerful Weapons in The Supernatural universe so let's countdown these weapons to see how powerful they actually are 

Let's take a look at the Most 10 Powerful Weapon in The Supernatural Universe

1 - death scythe

Death itself owned this weapon it was his own weapon this weapon is the most powerful weapon in the universe after dean uses it against death it was an epic scene weapon that can kill death? 

sure that weapon has to be so much power so that can kill death this weapon can kill any beings that are immortal and invincible such as horseman or archangels it killed death come on 

2 - Soul Bomb

Soul bomb is a really powerful weapon this weapon Powers are unlimited it depends on how much  souls in it 
This weapon uses light fueled by souls 
the Winchester and Billie Death, Created Soul Bomb that has so much soul so they can kill the Darkness which is the second powerful being in the Supernatural Universe after nearly killed god 

3 - The Equalizer

 The Equalizer is a pistol that God Created so the Winchester can kill Jack Lucifer son with it when he was out of control and killed Winchester mother

this weapon can kill pretty much anyone except god & Amara and other beings that high levels 
it can only weaken them as we saw when sam used it against God it just made God weak didn't kill him but this weapon was created by him so it can't kill him 

4 - Ma'lak Box

Ma'lak Box is Accent Box that lost in time but Billie did tell Dean about it, if any Creature got inside it he will never come out ever again This Box is Considered to be One of the most powerful weapon in the universe tho the original Box has lost 

Dean Design one by himself so he can trap himself because of Michael if he did Escape he will destroy the world so Dean Created The Box this box can contain any Creature even Archangels once they inside will not come out but Jack is Powerful than Archangel so he did come out 

5 - Lance of Michael 

The Lance is Michael Weapon Michael created this weapon so he can use it against Lucifer
When Michael created this weapon he used Angelic Powers on this Spear So The weapon Kills Good Beings Slow and Evil Beings Fast

the weapon also contains Invisibility, Terrakinesis and Other Poisoning we saw what this weapon can do when it used against the Angel Castiel before

6 - The Firs Blade

This Blade is a Powerful weapon that made from Jawbone of donkey this Blade is connected to Cain Mark and The Blade Make her owner even more powerful while he held it and this blade can kill pretty any Being

we haven't seen things that can kill Knights of Hell, This Blade can kill them so easily dean use it to kill Abaddon The Knight of hell and the blade is useless to anyone who doesn't have Cain Mark

7 - The Archangel Blade 

This blade is with the archangels only everyone has his own Blade This Blade they look like the normal angel blade but more powerful

This Blade is way too powerful than any other Angels blade This Blade Can kill any Archangel Which makes it one of the most powerful weapon in the universe This blade can kill Hellhounds

8 - Hand of god

Hand of God is an object that God has touched directly, Hand of God Can kill any Demon any Angel make them turn to dust but it can only hurt the archangels and it can be used only once

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9 - The Colt

The Colt has Thirteen Bullets that can kill anything in the universe anything Except only 5 Beings That can't kill, dean used it against lucifer before and it didn't work

 This Weapon was used to open the Gates of Hell and it also the weapon that sealed those gates before by Samuel, But Dean used the last original bullet to kill Azazel

10 - Lucifer Spear

Lucifer Spear is Similar to The Lance Michael Spear but not powerful as The Lance but also this spear powerful enough to be one of the most powerful weapons this spear used against Amara and it harmed Amara Vessel but it was after she was attacked by Demons And Angels

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