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Supernatural: Jack and Billie's Plan To Beat God

Supernatural: Jack and Billie's Plan To Beat God

The Return of Jack in Supernatural
Jack made an unusual return to Supernatural, what plan has he been planning behind the scenes with Billie? The last time The Fans saw Jack alive, he'd simply come off the rear of a confused spurt of angelic insanity, accidentally smiting the Winchesters' mother and making people to always tell the truth. Thankfully, Jack was talked around just in time for a showdown with God in Supernatural's season 14 finale - a showdown through which Jack was quickly killed by his grandfather. The nephilim's survival was teased through a final scene that showed Jack resurrected in the Empty with Billie, and Death told the boy he still had work to try to to.

The scene slowly implied that Billie had recruited Jack to help with the upcoming threat Chuck posed to the world, but the powerful couple settled absent for the primary block of Supernatural's final season. Jack and Billie appeared many episodes ago, but it wasn't till this week's "The Gamblers" that Jack properly returned to Earth. Beginning a comeback in a somewhat non-traditional way, Castiel first discovers Jack walking around us and eating angel hearts. Initially hesitant about Jack's meeting (understandably so, given the Belphegor debacle), Castiel soon discovers Jack's plans and discovers that his return is good.

First, the Fans discover why Jack hasn't been around in Supernatural season 15, despite Billie bringing him back to life all the way back in season 14's finale. Jack's return must be kept a mystery from God, or, Chuck will just swoop in and re-smite his grandson, therefore the Nephilim must attend until God was through many worlds before making his move. Straightforward enough, but God couldn't cross universes while he and Sam were connected by their Equalizer shot injuries. That problem was only fixed 2 episodes ago, meaning Jack's return was difficult until lately; even now, the honorary Winchester can't use his abilities for fear of being sensed.
Jack Vs Archangel Michael Super natural
This describes the timing of Jack's return, but what is the purpose behind it? consistent with Billie, Jack's situation as a Nephilim means he harbors the potential power to challenge down God, but he'll require a large power-up to succeed at that level. this is usually why Jack is seen eating the angel hearts - likely to inherit the grace of his sacrifices. Despite video proof recommending otherwise, Jack isn't just slaughtering angels randomly, in fact - Billie is leading him towards the Grigori. Launched in Supernatural season 10, the Grigori are a rare group of angels living on Earth, a number of whom feast on the souls of the living. Jack takes down one Grigori acting as a doctor and using the souls of patients, and another who prefers the feeling of the young. By hunting a monster and powering himself up within the method, Jack is killing two angelic birds with one stone.

If Billie's idea is to pump up Jack till he's powerful enough to fight Chuck, this might match into the idea that Jack will actually become subsequent God. Supernatural has already proved that God cannot be killed without threatening the universe he created, and his absence would end in a pointy increase in the monster population, as highlighted by Sam's flashforward. If Billie could take over as Death, maybe Jack can do an equivalent with the role of God, and thus Chuck is often defeated without upsetting the natural balance of Supernatural's world.

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