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Legacies Season 3 Will Change Everything... Here's Why!

Legacies Season 3 Will Change Everything... Here's Why!

since its confirmation for a third season fans of CW's legacies have not only been demanding more but they're also forming a lot of their own theories nonetheless the final episode in the

previous season has left everyone sitting at the edge of their seats and distressed since its debut back in 2018 virus had been invested in this spin-off of the originals and the vampire diaries the series tells the story of protagonist Hope Mikaelson portrayed by (Danielle Rose Russell) the descendant of Haley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) and Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) two of the most powerful werewolf vampire and witch bloodline the storyline

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focuses on her attendance at Salvatore boarding school for the young and the gifted a private institution that doubles as a haven for supernatural beings to control their developing abilities and impulses from there she not only learns things about herself but about those that surround her as well and at the same time battling entities and several other beings while undergoing the usual throes of teenage drama

like any other normal teenager but supernatural so what with the rumored season 3 being in the works and a lot has been happening we've made a list of how

Legacies Season 3 will change everything here's why 

Legacies Season 3 will change everything here's why

simple with hope and Landon have gone everybody's doing their best to bring them back with the finale of season two being a cliffhanger a lot has been left suspended despite hope being able to leave Josie's (Kaylee Bryant) subconscious

she is left in a sleeping spell after being turned into stone in the mindscapes of Josie previously Josie merged with her twin sister Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) to become the newly crowned queen of darkness she even killed Alyssa chang hope on the other hand concocted a plan to trap Josie in a mental prison until she could detoxify her but it was entirely dependent on Lizzie winning the

merge but thankfully pope's potion tethered Lizzie's life to London's (Arya Shenghasemi) so she was instantly revived when she died when Lizzie awoke she was in Alaric's office and soon after found out that hope had entered Josie's subconscious and until hope comes out Lizzie needs to

lie still and pretend to be dead meanwhile at the end of the episode we have wrath (Peyton Alex Smith) who died at the hands of the necromancer, therefore, making Raph an undead slave ralph then stabbed Landon with the golden arrow in his undead state supposedly the golden arrow is the only item that can kill a phoenix-like him 

Kai Parker plays an important part in the story

Kai Parker plays an important part of the story

another thing to look forward to in the series is kai parker's role in the grander scheme of things kai who is played by (Chris wood) was first introduced in the sixth season of the vampire diaries is a member of the Gemini coven he was so evil that they used magic to lock him alone in a prison dimension but like any crafty villain out there kai managed to get out of the

prison and return for the finale of the vampire diaries but he also managed to involve himself in legacies as Josie and Lizzie Saltzman's uncle

although details of how he escaped the prison is still a hanging question showrunner (Julie Plec) shared in an interview with entertainment weekly that it has a lot to do with Josie and the dabbling she's been doing with black magic it's a consequence of those actions that leads them to the proverbial and literal door of the prison world there's so much to unpack with kai's character with him being the one responsible for the death of the

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twin's mother giusette lachlan kai attempted to kill the twins while they were still in the womb and was successful in killing joe by stabbing her luckily the twin survived the attack though and lived on until legacies eventually kai got what he deserved when the fan-favorite villain was finally killed off by Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) at the end of episode 13 and season 2. he died by decapitation which is quite anticlimactic he said so

himself for this villain who terrorized the characters for so long but in an interview with tv line show creator Julie plec stated that we will keep laying little kai parker easter eggs as he is a massive part of the story and yes she really said that in caps lock so yes even if kai may have finally died we still might see him popping up now and then

in future episodes especially since it was mentioned that kai is the only one who might be able to explain how Lizzie and Josie can get out of the merge 

Jed and Ethan return as series regulars

Jed and Ethan return as series regulars

another set of familiar faces that we'll be returning as series regulars are Jed the alpha werewolf of the Salvatore boarding school pack played by (Ben Levin) and Ethan a human who attends mystic falls high school and the son of sheriff mack who is portrayed by (Leo Howard) aside from this two Julie plec also hinted that Josie and Lizzie's mentor bonnie may finally appear in this season

as well their mother caroline (Candice king) might make an appearance so there's much to look forward to in this upcoming season but if you're still hoping for hope's father Klaus to make an appearance in the upcoming series the actor is dead set on not returning at all he shared in an interview with digital spy "I have the originals box set on my shelf and it's a beautiful thing because it's five DVD sets that are a complete story from beginning to end of this guy Klaus Mikaelson well starting back in The Vampire Diaries so i just feel like to come back as a ghost or a flashback or something for me that journey that story has ended that's the complete story and it just doesn't feel right to me to do that 

finally, the musical episode is here 

Legacies's the musical episode is here

another thing worth looking forward to is the musical episode which was long overdue back in march 2020 executive producer brett Matthews shared in an interview with tv guide that episode 19 of season 2 will have a grand musical episode as to britt's reasoning he said that we try to do a musical a year and it's a musical that will sort of revisiting our legacies the legacy of the show The Vampire Diaries And The Originals universe the creators have gone through several standalone episodes in the past season which included a video game episode and a film noir influenced one too Julie plec shared in an interview back in March with entertainment weekly that the reason for that episode was we just

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wanted to dive into a fantasy world we hadn't done before executive producer brett Matthews revealed that this episode could have ended up looking very different as film noir wasn't always the chosen genre "we had the episode broken and we didn't know conceptually what we wanted the world to be" he said "there were a lot of ideas on the table there was western it was steampunk there was victorian film noir just became the perfect storm of production and fit the tone of the season in that particular episode"

and so the birth of the film noir episode took place so could we be seeing the characters belting their hearts out like glee in this season we sure hope so, unfortunately, production came to a halt before the episode could be filmed at that time but thankfully we have Julie plec who shared on her Twitter account that the musical episode will find its place in season three Julie further confirmed the filming of the musical episode when she tweeted a congratulatory message to everyone for the beginning of Legacies Season 3,

"saying I can't believe we're finally able to continue our stories and I can't wait for you all to see the Salvatore the musical episode"

London's abilities as a phoenix may be explored more

London's abilities as a phoenix may be explored more

assuming he survives being stabbed by Raph with the golden arrow this season we may see more of Landon's abilities as a phoenix Landon first made his appearance in the originals and it was initially thought that he was a normal human but as time progressed it turned out that he was also a supernatural being in Episode 13 of season 1 it was finally revealed when he was killed by mg and Salvatore burst into flames as soon as the flames settled his remains became a pile of ash and from it a fully healed land and emerged which finally revealed him as a phoenix upon knowing his true nature Landon soon after discovered his ability to resurrect himself and immortality the defining aspects of a phoenix in season two Landon spent most of his time experimenting on his healing abilities performing suicide experiments only to be brought back to life each time with every death that he underwent the process of his revival only sped up each time aside from that he also discovered another ability of his levitation he developed his levitation abilities that soon turned into a full-fledged flight complete with flaming wings that emerged from his back another defining ability of the phoenix is its ability to heal wounds both shallow and fatal with its tears so

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with Landon scratching the surface of his abilities he may unlock the ability to heal wounds through his tears as well in future episodes aside from these probable abilities we can't rule out pyrokinesis the ability to produce and manipulate fire although it's not frequently associated with the phoenix's abilities it may come in handy for Landon and the gang if he manages to do so another thing to consider though is that a phoenix is a solitary creature and cannot exist while another phoenix lives this notion explains why Landon is the only known phoenix in the show and should another phoenix arrive in the series then Landon may end up being dead for real so here's to crossing all of our fingers and toes for land and survival and with that we're concluding today's list of things that'll definitely be a turn around for legacies this upcoming Season 

Legacies Season 3 Premiere Date

Legacies season 3 will premiere on Thursday, January 21st, 2021 at 9 pm eastern time and pacific time on the CW while waiting for season 3's premiere you can binge-watch the previous episodes to get in the hype of the series 

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