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Legacies - Who Said it Quiz

Legacies - Who Said it Quiz

Welcome Back Nation, Legacies is Spinoff From The Vampire Diaries And The Originals In The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes And Alaric Saltzman Started a School in Stefan Salvatore And Damon Salvatore House Called The Salvatore's School For The Young And Gifted For The Supernatural Kids To Learn Who To Control Their Powers and Don't Harm Any innocent Lives 

The Originals - Who Said It

So Today We Gonna Take a Quiz To Know How Well Do You Know Legacies
This Quiz Called Who Said it in Legacies 

Legacies have some seriously wonderful one-liners, especially with characters like Penelope and Lizzie dishing up sass like they’re waitresses at Denny’s, but I really like that this show has numerous layers that it just doesn’t accept knocking one sort of dialogue out of the park.

So Get ready to be touched and feel your heart Beat as Legacies Fan faves can.

Who Said it in The Vampire Diaries

Hope Mikaelson 

it had been said by both of her parents; Hayley in Girl in New Orleans, where she said to her doctor that her daughter was a troublesome one a bit like herself, and by Klaus when he said that both Hayley and Hope were fighters during a Closer Walk With Thee. Both times it's implied that Hope inherited this trait from her mother who got it herself from her own father, Hope's maternal grandfather. She also seems to be really calm and happy. 

She is additionally seemingly very intelligent as she was ready to use her magic to show Camille's car on and off, despite still being a baby.

Hope seems to be a sort and delicate lass, with a sweet and innocent persona. She is additionally rather lonely, never having the other kids her own age to play with.

As an adolescent, Hope is shown to be stubborn and brave as she was willing to place herself through extreme pain and possible death so as to urge her mother back. When Klaus And Caroline had a conversation They describe Hope to be smart, she even too smart for her own good, like her father. it's been shown that Hope has gained one among her father's traits of doing whatever she will guard her family. Hope is usually offering to assist to save lots of those she cares about and considers family, including Marcel. However, When The Hollow's goes inside Hope She was Going to be Insane because she constantly Listen to Voices on her head. the sole way she will end the madness happening inside her head is by committing acts of violence. rather than taking her anger and frustrations out on innocents, she takes it out on those she deems not innocent (provided together with her father's assistance). However, her desire to quell the voices by using violence and magic causes her to kill someone who is innocent, although she intended to not.

Hope struggles to have connections with people and making friends with the opposite students at the Salvatore School,  she's already endured a lifetime of grief and heartbreak. To her peers, she seems closed off. She is forgiving to MG when she thought he killed her boyfriend Landon.

Due to her often disastrous past, she has resigned herself to isolation, considering it the trail which will provide the smallest amount heartbreak in her life. She sees loneliness as less of a burden in touch than her formative experiences of loving so deeply and losing so terribly.[3] However, she has begun to open up more to people,  and forming friendships and started a romantic relationship. She is slowly becoming more optimistic that she is going to be happy

Landon Kirby

Landon is shown to be a sweet guy and a touch bit shy. he's shown to be respectful but is usually bullied by Connor and his friends. He is often seen as a loner and features a kind of resentment towards the Salvatore private school students because he thinks they're rich kids.

Landon spent his childhood bouncing from family to family. thanks to an abusive family, at a young age Landon developed claustrophobia - having been forced to take a seat within a little closet for undetermined periods of your time. Even in adolescence, he doesn't respond well to small spaces, like when he was held within the werewolf transformation space at the private school and was even suffering from the Night Hag within his dreams. He exhibits well-developed positive traits - intelligence, loyalty, resilience, thoughtfulness, easy-going affable charm - despite upbringing and a history of abuse.[4]

Simulandon was an immediate copy of Landon created by Josie Saltzman using Emma Tig's prism. As an immediate copy of Landon's subconscious, Simulandon retained all memories and feelings from Landon, therefore it was seen by Josie as a real reflection of what Landon really felt. an overarching attraction to Hope Mikaelson, and he proved it when he forgets hope and loved Josie when hope came back he proves that he loves hope more than anything.

Whilst Simulandon was conscious of his role within the closing of the Malivore portal, he contested it strongly, having developed alike for all times and a connection to Hope. He explained to Hope that whilst Landon was a coward, he was not; this allowed him to precise how he felt about Hope. By the top of it'll All Be Painfully Clear in time, Simulandon had developed such an attachment to Hope, that he sacrificed himself to stay her safe, allowing Ryan Clarke to require over his body.

Alaric Saltzman

When introduced, Alaric was a mysterious man who seemed outwardly warm and friendly both together with his students and with strangers. He was quick to offer Jeremy a second chance and immediately began to bond with Jenna. Namely, he carried the burden of the disappearance of his wife and a fierce dedication to get what had happened to her. Alaric was proven to be a True Vampire Hunter, and it has shown when he killed Logan Fell. However, he was also stubborn and dedicated to checking out what happened to his wife. Namely, he ignored Stefan's warnings to remain faraway from Damon and attacked him, which led to his first death.

Alaric began to warm up to the others and began to make a kind of partnership with Damon as they investigated what happened to Isobel and her connection to John Gilbert. This partnership eventually evolved into a very strong friendship, some even considering Damon to be Alaric's ally, and Alaric as Damon's only friend.

However, after Jenna's death, Alaric was unhinged and began to fall under a state of depression when he was seen drinking away the pain. He tried to require care of Elena and Jeremy but had difficulty living up to the task. This dark a part of him has also emphasized thanks to the various times that he had died and come back to life. It also connected to his suppressed guilt at the way his life had taken and every one the pain that had resulted from it which made him fall prey to the darkness within him and turned him into a serial murderer.

Alaric's drinking remained an outsized part of him when he returned from the dead, first as a vampire, then as a person's. one among his nicknames was "Professor Bourbon", and Damon, his ally and drinking buddy, once mentioned him as a functioning alcoholic.

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