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Where Do you Belong The Vampire Diaries Or Legacies

Everyone Belong somewhere Where do You Belong In The Vampire Diaries Or Legacies

Do you Belong in The Vampire Diaries Or Legacies?
Do You Belong in TVD Or Legacies?

We all were introduced to The Vampire Diaries Series, which brought us into the world of vampires and witches and a lot of supernatural creatures and has achieved very great success since its inception the start of The Vampire Diaries series on September 10, 2009, to 10 March 2017 on The CW

This wonderful series lasted for 8 seasons and did not stop there, but after its great success, a separate series "The Originals" was created and achieved great success as well. The original series continued for a period of 5 seasons. After The Vampires and The Original series ending, another separate series was created "Legacies" And it's a series about children with supernatural abilities

TVD Universe
The Vampire Diaries Characters

The Vampire Diaries is the beginning of this series, and it is he who introduces us to the origin of the characters, who they are and where they came from
It is not required to watch the vampire or the original to follow the events of the Legacies series, but every character has a past, and to know their past you can watch the vampire diaries and the originals. to know their past, so you can understand how the first Vampires have created the first vampires are "The Originals" and you also will know how the school was created in the first place, and why,

Legacies series takes a different turn from the series that were shown before him, unlike the vampire diaries, which focus on vampires and witches. Legacies also have the same tone as vampires witches werewolves, but take another turn, which is fighting the legends that have been forgotten throughout history because of a monster called Malivore. who erases everyone's memory from mythical creatures

So Let's Take This Quiz and Find Out Where Do You Belong In The Vampire Diaries Or Legacies

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