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5 Things You Wouldn't Know Just By Watching Legacies

5 Things You Wouldn't Know Just By Watching Legacies
Facts About Legacies

Welcome back to Nation. As a spin-off, Legacies excel in using the knowledge established by their ancestors and pushing them forward without relying heavily on Vampire Diaries and The Originals. As a follow-up, it is easy to watch Legacies without even watching the other previous Shows 

However, there are many references to the Vampire Diaries and The Originals throughout Legacies as a constant reminder that they are all in one world and recognition of the characters that were necessary for previous shows. While Legacies have separated themselves enough to know that the other two Shows aren't important to explain what's going on, there are things within the universe that fans won't know by only watching Legacies. so here are 5 Things You Wouldn't Know Just By Watching Legacies,

Alaric Saltzman History:

Alaric Saltzman As Original Vampire
Alaric Saltzman As Original Vampire

Alaric may sound like a wonderful father and Headmaster on Legacies, but he has a more complicated past than that. Alaric was not only a vampire hunter and was turned to school Headmaster,

He didn't spend his entire life as a human. For a short period of time, Alaric was gifted with the original vampire powers, with the intent to hunt vampires. Alaric was also under the dark influence of being brought to life multiple times by Gilbert Ring. He had died many times before returning while The Other Side was collapsing.

How Hope Mikaelson Parent Died:

How Hope Mikaelson Parent Died

Hope's parents, Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall died protecting their daughter Hope on two separate occasions. Hope as a Tribrid was threatening various characters, but when Hope's life came to an end, Hayley jumped to save her daughter, and she burned in the sun without a daylight ring.

Later, after Hope broke the curse of the werewolf, Klaus decided to remove the Hollow from Hope. To accomplish this, he got help from Josie and Lizzie Saltzman to pull the hollow out of Hope and put him in Klaus. Klaus went with the rituals, knowing that to destroy the hollow, he would need to die so he sacrificed himself on The Originals.

Original Immortals:

TVD Original Immortals
The First Immortals

Hope comes from the Mikaelson family, known as the original vampires. The Mikaelsons were alive for more than a thousand years, and they were known to be the oldest living beings in existence and the first immortals. However, this was revealed to be not true in The Vampire Diaries. The first immortals were Silas, a powerful witch, and Amara, the love of his life.

The tragic end of the love triangle was the key to The Cure, on the other side, and Doppelgangers Silas and Amara have been on the Earth since ancient Greece. Amara was the primary anchor of The Other Side, which was later transferred to Bonnie Bennett. To create the vampires, Esther Mikaelson used the blood of Tatia, who is Petrova Doppelganger.

Salvatore Name References:

Salvatore Name References
Why it's Called The Salvatore School

The name of the school, the Salvatore boarding school, and the Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library show the importance of the school's location. Salvatore Boarding School was once the boarding house of Salvatore's that Damon gives to Alaric and Caroline to turn the house into a Supernatural school.

The library was named after Stefan Salvatore, who sacrificed his life for Mystic Falls. Kaleb and MG mentioned diaries about being a vampire that Stefan may have written throughout his life. In the second season of Legacies, Landon's bedroom is a renovated portrayal photo of Stefan's bedroom.

Origins of Vampires:

Legacies Origins of Vampires
Origins of The Vampires

Just as the explanation of how people turn into werewolves is explained, so if the transition to a vampire. However, Legacies didn't give the background details of where it all began. More than a thousand years ago, vampires were created by a witch to protect her family.

The Mikaelson family suffered a tragedy when its youngest member, Henrik, died of werewolves. In response, Esther Mikaelson created a more powerful race to compete with werewolves and transformed the rest of her children and husband into new supernatural creatures (The Original Vampires). Klaus and his siblings will later discover that they can turn other people into vampires too and more abilities.

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