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The Vampire Diaries - 5 Character Caroline Forbes Should Have Been With Other Than Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries - 5 Character Caroline Forbes Should Have Been With Other Than Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries - 5 Character Caroline Forbes Should Have Been With Other Than Stefan Salvatore
Welcome Back Nation TV, Caroline Forbes is definitely one of the best Character in The Vampire Diaries Universe, Caroline first Time she meets Stefan Salvatore in The School she couldn't even take her eyes off him but through the Show, She Becomes Best Friend with Stefan but their Friendship Evolved into something Bigger in Season 6 in Vampire Diaries 

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Caroline and Stefan were a popular pairing, However, the Fans didn't see Stefan Heart with Caroline they always shipped Stefan with Elena Gilbert, While Caroline had Several Relationships in the Show that are more popular with the Fans and they liked it more than with Stefan,

We going to See Top 5 Character that would make the fans happier if Caroline Ended up with Instead of Stefan Salvatore,

Tyler Lockwood

Caroline Tyler Lockwood
Tyler grows Close with Caroline in Season 2 When She helps him with his New Life after he discovers his true nature as Werewolf, while Caroline turned into Vampire after Katherine Pierce killed her with Damon Blood still in her System, 

Tyler and Caroline Faced many threats in their Relationship
Like Klaus, Killing Tyler to be reborn as the first Hybrid after Klaus of course, but their relationship ended because of Tyler can't Move on from His Revenge on The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson,

Matt DonovanCaroline And Matt Donovan
Matt was struggling to move on from his RelationShip with Elena in Season 1 after he Gradually he gets to know Caroline, However, they two falls in Love, but sadly their relation didn't last long enough and they ended up in Season 2 when Caroline turned into Vampire,

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Matt and Caroline was like best Friend even after Matt know About her Vampire Nature but he becomes Friend with Caroline through the whole Show,

Enzo St. John

Caroline Enzo St. John
Enzo Did his First Appears in Season 5 Of The Vampire Diaries as the Augustine Vampire, from the moment he saw Caroline he starts to flirt with her and he becomes close to her through the Show, in the Six Season the two was Searching for a Way to bring Damon and Bonnie from the other side Back after Stefan Breaks Caroline heart Enzo Defends her,

Alaric Saltzman

Caroline Alaric Saltzman
it's a little bit weird to see Teacher in Relationship with his Student but if you a Vampire nothing is impossible Alaric and Caroline relationship was one of the more unpopular in The Vampire Diaries, Fandom, While Caroline is happy with Alaric when Stefan was on the run From Ryna Alaric Cared Deeply About Caroline

Caroline found the Family that she Never thinks she will ever have since she becomes a Vampire after she gives birth to Alaric Twins Baby after her RelationShip ended with Stefan and her heartbreak 

Klaus Mikaelson

Caroline And Klaus
The One and Only Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson This Evil Villain of The Vampire Diaries was ruthless Monster that no one Can Ever Fall in Love with Him, Klaus didn't Care about anything For Centuries but He Cared Deeply About Caroline he found her Strong Full of Light and Beautiful, Klaus Cures Caroline From Werewolf Bite that he was the reason why She was bitten from the First Place, However they turn into Romantic Couple but Caroline didn't admit easily except in the end When Klaus Left the Show to His Own The Originals

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Caroline Rejected Klaus Many Times Because She Was Afraid of him but who can blame her the Man Lived a thousand Year and his reputation Known as the Ruthless Beast and he has no Love for anyone, However, The Fans Loved those Couple Together they wished that Caroline Goes to New Orleans to Continue her Life with the Original Hybrid Klaus but Sadly Klaus died in the Originals

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