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The Vampire Diaries - The Cast of Vampire Diaries Then and Now

The Vampire Diaries - The Cast of Vampire Diaries Then and Now

The Vampire Diaries - The Cast of Vampire Diaries Then and Now
Welcome Back Nation TV, it's has been a long time since The Vampire Diaries Aired for The First Time Since 2009 and the journey continues to 2017 The Vampire Diaries Remained a Fan Favorite Show on The CW, and it's been so long since the show started in 2009 the Cast has gone through a several Transformations so we going to list the Main Characters from Season 1 until 2020 Now and how they looked in The First Season and How they look Now in 2020
Let's take a look at The Vampire Diaries Cast Then And Now

First We Have The Lovely Elena Gilbert Who Played By The Amazing Nina Dobrev She is an orphan The Girl who Fall in Love with the 100 Year Old Vampire Stefan Salvatore and Later She Loved his Older Brother Damon Salvatore

Second We Have Stefan Salvatore ( Rippah ) Played By The Actor Paul Wesley who Has a Good Heart and doesn't believe that Vampires need to feed on only Humans
Are you More Like Stefan Or Damon
Three We get the Bad Boy of the Show Damon Salvatore The elder Brother of Stefan Salvatore This Character Damon Was Played By Ian Somerhalder Damon was First to Introduce as the Main Villain But Later on The Show, he falls in love with Elena and become Anti-hero
5 Best Rivalries in Vampire Diaries
 The Witch Town Bonnie Bennett Played By Amazing  Actress Kat Graham Who was Bestfriend of Elena And Caroline Forbes

We Have the School Girl Caroline Forbes Who is both Elena And Bonnie Besty Later on Season 1 She Quickly Become a Vampire and Also Played by the Beautiful Candice King

Alaric Saltzman The Vampire Hunter and Also School Teacher and Played by Matt Davis And now is playing the same role Alaric on The Show Legacies

Tyler Lockwood Who is Werewolf but later on the Show he become a Hybrid, The First Hybrid Klaus Turn Played by Michael Trevino

Matt Donovan the Sherif of the Mystic Falls town (the true immortal hhh) he is the only one who survived to be human after all other turned or died played by Zach Roerig

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