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The Vampire Diaries - 5 Best Rivalries in Vampire Diaries

Welcome Back Top Nation, The Vampire Diaries Follows The Life of Stefan Salvatore And Elena Gilbert the Girl who looks like Katherine Pierce that The Salvatore's Fall in love with hundred years ago 
Vampire Diaries Has a Lot of rivalries from the beginning of the Show we Saw the Salvatore's Brother's Fighting on everything so there were very good rivalries and there was other who just can't get along and that makes no sense so today we gonna list a 5 Vampire Diaries Best rivalries  

Best: Damon VS. Stefan
The Salvatore brothers were best friends to each other until they both fall crazy with vampire Katherine Pierce. She decides to make them vampires, ensnaring them during a twisted threesome until the end of time. But it isn't Katherine who revs up the sibling rivalry to a deadly degree: it's because Stefan forces his brother to finish the transition.
At the guts of all of their conflict is that the hypocrisy of Stefan's disapproval of Damon's destructive behavior, and Damon's resentment of being the bad person. Because somebody has got to fill that role and obtain things done". Yes, they both fall crazy with Elena, creating one among TV's best all-time love triangles. But within the end, Stefan is team "Delena" because she makes Damon better. there is a similar dynamic at play between Stefan and Damon. They ruin and screw one another over, but they constantly make sacrifices to save lots of one another, and ultimately, they're better due to it.

Best: Stefan VS. Klaus
Forced to serve Klaus to guard his brother and his sister, Stefan returns to being a full-on Ripper and eventually loses his discretion. Manipulation and mind games aren't the idea of a healthy relationship, and shortly the 2 former frenemies focus their attention on one-upping the opposite throughout season 3. Stefan proves to be Klaus' first worthy adversary in quite a while.
Stefan has consumed with getting revenge on Klaus until he loses sight of everything. The conflict between Klaus and Stefan demonstrates that the infamous humanity switch is not just about the great parts of mankind but all the nasty stuff too: jealousy, anger, competitiveness, and cruelty.

Best: Katherine VS. Elena
Doppelgangers are mystical carbon copies of somebody else, but while their physical appearances are equivalent, their personalities can differ greatly. Originally, Katherine's hated Elena because of her relationship with Her Ex-lover Stefan. Over time, it becomes clear that Katherine is simply jealous. Elena's had everything Katherine Wanted, but Katherine Pierce ruined. With these two, blood isn't thicker than water.

If the twosome share anything it's resilience. Every attempt Katherine makes to destroy Elena's life, Elena manages to rebound, and a bit like any feline, this Kat always lands on her feet, meeting her fate wrapped in Stefan's arms -- just not precisely the way she pictured it.

Best: Bonnie VS. Kai
Bonnie finds herself trying to constantly stay one step before Kai after she encounters him within the 1994 Prison World during season 5. unfortunately, Kai always has one advantage: he's a psychopath. He stabs her, throws her during a trunk and kidnaps her. Then he grows conscious and needs to ... apologize. He's as diabolical in his efforts at retribution as he's in everything else he does. Kai was arguably the series' most dangerous villain, and he has Bonnie in his sights.
Bonnie suffers from Kai-related PTSD, but she never gives up when it involves getting obviate Kai. like all good people, Kai is tough to defeat, and he's oddly charismatic although his charms are lost on the powerful witch.

Best: Klaus VS. Mikael
There isn't anything that scares Klaus except Mikael. Klaus' stepfather and the vampire who only feeds on other vampires merciless hunter. Mikael is the perfect villain. Mikael's existence manages to infuse Klaus with vulnerability.

The interactions between Klaus and Mikael elicit empathy for Klaus He's the victim of bad parenting, and based on all his bad behavior are daddy issues. Their dysfunctional relationship is what elevates Klaus from an honest villain to an excellent one, and not even death brings peace or resolution.

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  1. Ancient Greek mythology tells a story about a man named Mikael Shadows born from two mortal parents during the century 23 B.C. He was one of seven people to be sacrificed for Ares, god of war. But instead became the first demigod after a human birth by an unknown deity. In exchange for this godly gift, there had to be a sacrifice made and that was his entire family. Mikael is the son of Melite (mother) and Codros (father), he is also the brother of Icarus (brother), Patron (brother) and Isadora (sister). It is said that Mikael will roam free on this earth until he seeks his true vengeance on Ares. Mikael Shadows, God of vengeance.

    1. This Mikael is not what you talking about


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