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The Vampire Diaries - 20 Amazing Behind The Scenes Pictures

TVD Behind The Scenes
Welcome Back Nation TV. The Vampire Diaries is one of the shows which made many of us sad when it ended. For the fans, The Vampire diaries were more than just a show and therefore the cast is sort of a family. Over time, we've grown attached to those characters. The fans have always been loving the cast and crew and have keenly followed the rumors and news swirling around about the dynamic and on-set relationships of the cast. When it involves backstage, behind the scenes of the show were nothing, but an expression of affection and fun. During the wrapping of the latest season of the show, the cast got really emotional with one another and with the fans who are a neighborhood of their long journey.
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Today we've delivered to you some interesting and unseen BTS pictures of TVD. Take a glance at these candid moments on TVD set, right from season 1 all the way to last day of shooting. you'd be surprised to understand that multiple cast members of the show have also directed episodes within the TVD series. The creators of the show Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson really ensured that TVD becomes fun and collaborative experience for everybody involved.

After The Show Ended This with the Final Day they ended with wrap cake.

Nina Dobrev As ( Katherine ) was Studying her Lines for Her Scene that she is about to Shoot,
 Here you Can See the Skills of the Acting of Kat as Bonnie Bennett The Town Witch while she in struggle

Are you More Like Stefan Or Damon

Nina Revealed once in an interview that during her sleeping Scene she did actually fell asleep and she started snoring, this scene was her final scene before she came back to the end of the show
The Filming Location was a Second home to the Cast and most of The Vampire Diaries Scenes was Filmed in Covington, Town of Mystic Falls 
 Matt Davis and Nina was getting ready for Shooting a Scene, even though the Series is so serious, but this cast goofs around in the behind scenes
 in This Photo, you can See the Final Script for Nina for The Entire The Vampire Diaries Show
 Nina With Julie, Julie is The Co-creator of this Show, Julie wanted to write the Character Elena by herself in the beginning but she was talked out of it

 Chris Wood was The One who Played Kai Parker The Evil villain he was goofing with Ian The one Who Played Damon, i know this is hard to think that those hero and villain are with each other behind the scenes 
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