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Vampire Diaries - Which Vampire Diaries Villain Are you ?

Vampire Diaries - Which Vampire Diaries Villain Are you ?

Times Klaus Mikaelson Was Actually a Good Guy
Welcome Back Nation Tv, Another Quiz with Vampire Diaries, though the eight seasons they introduced several Characters that was Amazing and with those Heros Characters, of course, there has to be Big Bad Villain that they face, the Show did very good job bringing Villain the first-ever season was the Main Villain Damon but then he was Anti-hero according to his rules he's no villain or hero it depends on his case 
but along with Damon, there was a lot of Villain that the Supernatural Town Mystic Falls had, and the show did very good job with those villains that even the fans loved those villains more than the hero of the show they first introduced Elena doppelganger Katherine the 500-year-old Vampire along with her came the Mikaelson Family the First Vampire of all Time the Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson with Elijah Mikaelson and Rebekah, Kol, Finn, Esther, Mikael, those are the Original Family the first Vampire but the show didn't stop with them 

they introduced a lot of new Villains so we are going to take a little fun Quiz to See which Villain from Vampire Diaries Look Like you take the Quiz to find out 

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