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Top 5 Worst Parents in The Vampire Diaries Show

The Top 5 Worst Parent In The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 Worst Parents in The Vampire Diaries Show

Here List Of The Worst 5 Parents On The Vampire Diaries Show Tell Us Your Opinion On The List 

1- Easther Mikaelson

Easther Mikaelson

She is not any worse than her husband Mikael. She spent 1000 years trying to seek out how to kill her children. Esther also brainwashed Alaric and conspired against Elena. When she returns, her plan of killing the Mikaelson siblings blows up in her face.

2 - Lily Salvatore

Lily Salvatore

When Stefan and Damon were grieving over her dead mother, she was busy ‘RIPPER-ING’ her way across Europe with the assistance of the Heretics and Julian. Even when she is reunited together with her sons, the instant is awkward since she doesn’t share any affection for her sons.

3 - Isobel Flemming

Isobel Flemming

She only seeks Elena when she is left with no choice in season  She flips off her button of humanity. Her worst act was to go away from her daughter for Grayson and Miranda to Raise

4 - Bill Forbes

Bill Forbes

During his final moments, he did manage to leave out on a high note by letting Caroline know that she isn't a disappointment. But he still didn’t apologize for trying to kill her.

5 - Kelly Donovan

Kelly Donovan

We first see her returning not out of concern for her daughter, but because of a breakup

Who You Think is Worst? Tell Us Your Opinion

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