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Top 5 Similarity legacies & Vampire Diaries

Top 5 Similarity legacies & Vampire Diaries

Top 5 Similarity legacies between Vampire Diaries
Top 5 Similarity legacies between Vampire Diaries

1 - Similarity: Main Heroine Is An Orphan
Hope Mikaelson
Similarity: Main Heroine Is An Orphan

Elena was the most heroine of The Vampire Diaries. We meet Elena after she's suffered an enormous tragedy: the loss of her parents. Both of her parents died during a car crash; Elena was within the backseat and survived. Elena has survivor's guilt, and she or he tries to deal with the grief--feeling like she may be a different person than she was before.

Likewise, Hope, the most heroine of Legacies, has also suffered an enormous tragedy: the loss of her parents. Also, she has other losses: the death of her uncle, of her friend, and therefore the knowledge that her family sacrificed their freedom for years to stay her safe. Hope tries to deal with grief. Like Elena, she seems like she may be a different person than she was before.

2 - Similarity: Main Heroine is exclusive thanks to Lineage
werewolf hope mikaelson
Main Heroine is exclusive thanks to Lineage

After the 2 vampire brothers are interested in Elena within the Vampire Diaries, we learn that she may be a special human: a Petrova doppelganger. As a doppelganger, she is in high demand, partly thanks to the mysterious qualities of her blood. Her lineage connects her to other Petrova doppelganger. one among whom had her blood used because the last ingredient the first witch wont to create the first vampires.

Additionally, Hope is actually unique, the primary of her kind. She's a hybrid of three different supernatural beings: a witch (due to her grandmother), a vampire hybrid (due to her dad), and a werewolf (due to her mom). She's in high demand due to the mysterious qualities of her lineage.

3 - Similarity: Location
the vampire diaires mystic falls
the vampire diaries mystic falls Location

Legacies are within the town of Mystic Falls, an equivalent place where it all began with The Vampire Diaries. Additionally, their actual school is housed in Stefan and Damon's mansion of a house. it's great to ascertain the house reimagined because of the Salvatore private school for the Young and Gifted. It breathes new light and life into the building.

On top of the town and therefore the house, the Legacies students are teenagers in high school, an equivalent because of the Vampire Diaries

4 - Similarity: Love Triangle
Hope Mikealson
Love Triangle

In The Vampire Diaries, there are two important love triangles: Elena and therefore the Salvatore brothers, and Katharine and therefore the Salvatore brothers. the strain resulting from both of those drives tons of the plot. an honest love triangle does keep an audience intrigued, but it can detract from the characters. it had been said in a piece of writing for The Mary Sue that Elena's fierce personality was in some ways sacrificed or side-lined for the love triangle.

In Legacies, the love triangle that stood out the foremost was the Hope, Landon, and Rafael love triangle. While technically, Landon and Rafael aren't brothers like Damon and Stefan, they're foster brothers. In some ways, they're closer as brothers than Stefan and Damon originally were. But, their love for Hope could tear that bond apart. Hope loves Landon, but that would change a bit like Elena first loved Stefan, then later Damon. We'd rather Landon and Hope stick together for now, but we have a sense that more love triangle friction is destined.

5 - Similarity: Sibling Struggles
Jose Saltzman
Sibling Struggles

In The Vampire Diaries, the love and tension between the Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) made the show. Initially, we had a contained good brother: Stefan, and a wild brother: Damon. Of course, they both become more complicated than that. However, their relationship is central to the show. We even have Elena's love for her brother, Jeremy, and Matt's grief over the loss of his sister, Vicki. However, we see the struggles presented most obviously within the Salvatore brothers.

Already in Legacies, we've three sets of siblings that demonstrate similar struggles presented within the Vampire Diaries. we have this biological Gemini twins, Lizzie Saltzman and Josie Saltzman
. Then we have the foster brothers, Landon and Rafael. Lastly, we've friends who regard one another as brothers, MG and Kaleb. In each of those sibling pairs, there's one sibling presented as more contained and on top of things, and one that's presented because of the wild one.

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