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the originals cast what are they doing now 2020

the originals cast what are they doing now

the originals cast what are they doing now
Welcome back NationTV. Almost two years have passed since the last season of the original was aired. We really felt sad during the fifth season because the last episode was completely emotional and it was hard to say goodbye. After that, we were wondering a lot when we would be able to see them again. So let us know what the staff is doing these days.

 Joseph Morgan

You might know him as Nicklaus or Klaus Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries and Originals. He will also be seen in the new series "Brave New World" where he will play the role of CJack60. Joseph also played a good role in "Animal Kingdom" Season 4 as well. He was also seen promoting his movie "Carousel" with his wife, Persia White.

Daniel Gillies

Elijah Mikaelson inevitable after the last episode missed by many of his fans. So, this is good news for his fans as he might be soon seen in the romantic series "Virgin River" on Netflix. He also split ways with his wife after 15 years of marriage. Sad.

Elijah Mikaelson Amazing Quotes

Phoebe Tonkin

the Little Wolf of Klaus Hayley also missed by her fans. Vibe then starred in the web series that started on January 1, 2019, under the name "Bloom" where she played Gwen. She was also seen in the "Safe Harbor" action show where she played Olivia. Apart from them in 2018, she was seen playing Dolphin in an episode of "The Affair" in Season 4.

Charles Michael Davis

Charles played the role of Marcellus (known as Marcel Gerrard) in the originals. Then, after finishing the show, he joined the "The People" team for Season 2 in which Detective Ted played. After that, he closed the show but had another "smaller" offer as he played the editor, Zane. Then he was also seen as Blair Williams in the movie "Chicago P.D."

 Riley Voelkel

She played the role of Freya Mikaelson and was recently seen in an episode of Legacies as well. She is still on CW through her program "Rosewell" and plays the role of a deputy named Jenna Cameron. It will also be seen in a new "Hightown" show in Starz.

 Claire Holt

Claire plays the role of Klaus' sister, Rebecca Mikaelson in the series. In 2019 her movie "The Divorce Party" was released and played a major role in it. Then she was also seen in the screening of "Violent Chapter" screened on Amazon Prime. According to reports, she also appears in the crime movie "Painted Beauty" and with her, she also appears in the movie "Wolf in the wild."

Danielle Rose Russell

Daniel plays Klaus and Hayley's tribrid daughter, Hope Mickelson. She is now the leading character in the episodic "legacies" that she revolves around. This show is about to end its second season and work on its third season soon.

 Danielle Campbell

Nicknamed "Davina Claire" from The Originals, Daniel Campbell is seen in an "All American" pilot on CW only. She then played a supporting role in the movie "Being Frank" released in 2019. Apart from that, she was also seen playing Kayla Powell in Little Red Riding Hood’s version show. in Little Red Riding Hood’s version show.

Leah Pipes

She played Camille O'Connell in The Originals and her character died during the third season of the show. She was seen in the superstar CW "Charmed" where she played Fiona Callahan. Lea is also seen in the short film "Sunstroke" and "Killing a Mother's Set" as well.

 Yusuf Gatewood

He was seen playing as Vincent Griffith and will now appear again in the supernatural series "Good Omens." This show started on May 31, 2019, and Yusuf plays the Famine which is one of four knights at the end of the world.

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