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How Well Do You Remember Season 4 of The Originals?

How Well Do You Remember Season 4 of The Originals?

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The Originals Season 4

Welcome back Nation. The season 4 of The Originals starts its story five years from the expulsion of the Mikaelsons from the town New Orleans and therefore the defeat of Klaus Mikaelson. Their compound is now during a disrepair state and therefore the city is ruled by Marcel. Marcel decides to welcome all the un-sired vampires in his city, on the other hand, he finds that these vampires pose a threat to his rule. In parallel, Hayley is on the run to find the cure which will help in reviving Elijah and awaken the Mikaelsons. Hayley succeeds in awakening the slumbering Mikaelsons who then save the captive Klaus through a daring rescue The season premiered on 11 March 2016 and it concluded on 23 June 2017.
When the family is reunited they find themselves facing an ancient evil. The Mikaelsons plan to form an alliance with their enemies like the witches and Marcel so as to face the greater threat. This terrible adversary slowly closes in, being so powerful and knowing all the intimate knowledge about the Mikaelsons like their weaknesses. The Mikaelsons must stand their ground and defeat their foe.

The Originals Episodes Freye the originals

Rebekah Mikaelson

the flashbacks shows that rebekah was Caring, Supportive and an overall teenage girl before She becomes Vampire. just like the remainder of her siblings, she was frightened of her father and sometimes witnessed her brother being abused by Mikael, to some extent that she even tried to kill him, unable to tolerate her father's abusive nature towards Niklaus anymore. She had desired The Cure in order that she could become human again and fulfill her dreams of getting kids and family of her own. The closest she came to the present was when she became the guardian of Hope Mikaelson. This pushed Rebekah to desire a family of her own, to the purpose were she said that she would find it hard to return Hope to her parents.

Freya Mikaelson

As a child, Freya was mischievous as she and Finn would climb up within the trees and plot mischief.

Freya has exhibited an independent, tenacious, rebellious streak, as she fled from her monstrous Aunt Dahlia centuries before and has been fighting, running from her for years ever since. She features a very stoic personality, keeping a relaxed, difficult to read, expression at near all times. Freya has shown to be a curious person, having wondered about her siblings, the Mikaelsons for a few times. When she learned that Klaus had a toddler, the sole sign of her shock was to grab hold of her necklace. Likewise, she showed little surprise upon seeing Finn's new form and remained calm even while reminiscing about auld langsyne, and telling him of Dahlia's search for her.

she may be a strong, powerful woman and witch who is extremely much on top of things of herself. She features a fondness for her sister and approves of who she is, having observed her throughout her stay within the Cottage and when Rebekah was in peril, Freya showed no hesitation in protecting her. She has also shown a passion for Finn, as he was subsequent to the Mikaelson clan she visited. She seems to possess some nostalgia for him, as she embraced him upon meeting. Upon meeting Klaus and Elijah, she expected, humored their caution, suspicion (abrasiveness in Klaus' case) but warned Rebekah she'll expect that they might get on their best behavior. This shows that she features a sense of authority, being the eldest of the Mikaelson children.

to threatening an infant, though she did perform a strong locator spell to seek out her during a gambit to earn her siblings' trust. She is extremely keen on her father and has never forgotten the last time she saw him, patiently awaiting the instant she reunites with Mikael. This hatred only worsened when Esther claimed that Freya lost the sunshine within her and accused her of working with Dahlia.

Upon revealing her background, Freya maybe a haunted, tortured soul longing to free herself of the bonds that Dahlia cast upon her and attain vengeance for the misery that she addressed century after century. Having lost the person she loves and her beloved unborn son in Dahlia's pursuit of ultimate power, she allies together with her estranged siblings within the hopes of vanquishing her aunt once and for all.

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