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The Originals - The Originals Cast Then and Now 2020

The Originals - The Originals Cast Then and Now 2020

The Originals - The Originals Cast Then and Now 2020
Welcome Back Nation TV, it's has been a long time since The Originals Aired for The First Time Since 2013 and the journey continues to 2018 The Originals Remained a Fan Favorite Show on The CW, and it's been so long since the show started in 2013 the Cast has gone through a several Transformations so we going to list the Main Characters from Season 1 until 2020 Now and how they looked in The First Season and How they look Now in 2020

The Originals Cast Then And Now 2020

Klaus Mikaelson

 The Original Hybrid The Anti-Hero and Villain of The Vampire Diaries Show Klaus Mikaelson was Played By Joseph Morgan

Elijah Mikaelson 

the Nobleman his Character was First Original to appear on Screen in The Vampire Diaries played by Daniel Gillies

Rebekah Mikaelson 

Her Character Was so amazing we All Loved her from her First appearance in the Vampire diaries played by Claire Holt

Kol Mikaelson 

the Psycho Vampire his Character is similar To Klaus Mikaelson he loves to play with his victims before he kills them played by Nathaniel Buzolic

Marcel Gerard 

Klaus Mikaelson adopted Son Marcel was rescued by Klaus and then he has grown with the Original family which makes him one of the Originals family but not by blood played by Charles Davis

Hayley Marshall

was first introduced in The Vampire Diaries as Tayler Girlfriend but they broke up and then She went to the Original with Klaus Mikaelson Daughter Hope played by Phoebe Tonkin

Freya Mikaelson 

The Oldest Member of the Original Family she was taken by her aunt Dahlia and then came back to her family as the Powerful Witch played by Riley Voelkel

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