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Supernatural - 5 Villains Fans Loved ( 5 Fans Hated )

Supernatural - 5 Villains Fans Loved ( 5 Fans Hated )
Supernatural - 5 Villains Fans Loved ( 5 Fans Hated )

Sam and Dean Winchester have spent nearly a decade and a half driving around the country at their famous Chevy Impala, and they are doing their best to "save people and hunting things." During the fifteen supernatural seasons, the brothers had to save humans, each other and the world from a variety of villains that ranged from demons, magicians and even God Himself.

Some of these Villains were completely loved by fans and others, fans could not wait to see them die. As the series is coming to his end, some of these villains should be remembered. Here is a list of five bad guys who fans like and five hate.

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LOVED: Rowena

Rowena Supernatural

Supernatural had a number of strong women on the series but none of them were as epic as the immortal Scottish witch Rowena. Rowena joined the show in Season 10, becoming one of the strongest enemies of Winchesters, and in the end, she was one of their most loyal friends.

However, long before her decision to switch, Rowena was on a rampage to return the strength that Grand Coven had taken from her, helped Lucifer escape from the cage. Insanely clever, witty, stylish, and not apologizing about who she was, it's easy to see why the villain Rowena was so loved by fans.

HATED: Azazel

Azazel supernatural

Easily one of the most hateful demons on the series, Azazel is responsible for preparing the tragic beginnings of Winchesters. He tricked Mary Winchester to make a deal, killed her and cursed her younger son, all of it until Sam becomes the real Lucifer ship and lead to the end of the world.

One of the Four Hell Princes, he was a sadistic, cruel and true believer in Lucifer's plan. he caused a great deal of pain to Winchesters and manipulated large portions of Sam's life until he went as far as asking Jessica's death. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans were happy when he was finally killed by Dean in the second season.

LOVED: Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Supernatural

In season five, Winchester had to face the four horsemen at the end of the world: war, famine, pestilence, and death. Led by Lucifer, the Horsemen attempted to destroy the Earth using their own respective powers. Mysterious, extremely powerful, and evil, both knights were able to beautifully bend the will of mankind to destroy it. Luckily,

They were stopped by the Free Will team but not before they became some of the most important villains on the show.
Death, the oldest and most powerful Horsemen, has been an ally of Winchesters for some time but was tragically killed by Dean in Season 10.

HATED: Dick Roman

Dick Roman Supernatural

Supernatural's seventh season is one of the less successful seasons of the show due in part to the main villain, Dick Roman. Alpha Leviathans Or as Dean used to call him "Big Daddy Chomper", Dick was easily one of the worst bad guys in the series.

Although he created Leviathan Sam and Dean which created a very bad problem for the real Winchesters, in the end, he wasn't good for the villain. In the end, Dick Roman was just a weak rendered caricature of the dangers of capitalism that did not really have a permanent mark on the show.

LOVED: Crowley

Crowley Supernatural

Crowley is a very interesting villain because in many respects he was not actually a villain at all. He joined the show in Season 5, was Winchester's best friend and became one of the most loved characters in the entire series. However, he was always at his best when he crossed Winchesters twice and was the king of hell.

Rowena tragically abandoned as a child, then eventually promoted the demons to become the king of the crossroads. Adept, manipulative and a little smart, Crowley was one of the most fun villains. Unfortunately, Crowley sacrificed himself to save Winchesters in Season 12 and fans eagerly hope for his return in the last season.

HATED: Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker

The only human on this list, Gordon Walker, was introduced in the second season of the show. Gordon was a dangerous and ruthless hunter. Unlike many hunters, he had no sympathy for any supernatural creature regardless of whether they were good or not. No one was relieved of his anger, even his sister who killed for turning into a vampire, However,

The real problem started when he found out about "Azazel's special children" and decided to kill them all, including Sam. Gordon unsuccessfully tried to kill Sam several times and even persuaded other hunters to pursue him. In the end, the thing he was most afraid of, became a vampire and beheaded by Sam.

LOVED: Lucifer

Lucifer Supernatural

Often times you don't hear fans talk about how much they love the literal devil, but Supernatural is just one of those shows. the big bad for a large part of the series, he was cruel and barbaric and had a clear loathing of humanity. However, he was also strong, charming and manipulative. This made him one of the most complicated characters in the entire series.

Lucifer, unlike many other villains in the show, had no redeeming arc and was genuinely evil and spine-chillingly evil from his first appearance. So, creating a strong opponent for Winchesters who have always been a thrill to watch.

HATED: Amara

Darkness Supernatural

God's sister Amara, was first presented for the show in the name of darkness. Confined by her brother for thousands of years in Mark Cain, she was released by Rowena in Season 11. At her worst, she was violent, apparently not having control over her emotions and became obsessed with religion. She spent much of the season trying to destroy everything her brother had created and became one of the toughest bad guys to beat.

Generally, fans didn't receive her well but this may change in season 15. Amara looks more mature and may become the key to eventually defeating Chuck.

LOVED: Chuck (God)

God Supernatural

Throughout the series, Winchesters fought bigger and better villains every season. Therefore, it only makes sense that the brothers needed to fight the strongest entity of all, God (Chuck) in his last season. Chuck at first seemed harmless, if not a little strange, but soon it became clear that he is ruthless, arrogant paranoid.

In the past two seasons, the writers have carefully crafted him as the big villain on the show. He trapped Amara for thousands of years and left everyone suffering when he could help and create multiple worlds and leave them as soon as they become boring. Most importantly, he manipulated the life of Winchesters in order to create an interesting story. In the end, everyone loves a bad guy and in this show, Chuck is the ultimate.

HATED: Metatron

Metatron Suppernatural

The supernatural had a vengeful and egotistical god and certainly did not need another one. In the eighth season, the writers introduced God's scribe, Metatron, revenge towards his fellow angels, he deceived Castiel to give him his grace to force the angels out of heaven and then tried to become God himself.

However, like any man believed to be God, he became a ruthless dictator who caused more damage to heaven. In the end, Winchester stopped him but not before Dean was killed and turned into a demon. So, it is quite clear why Metatron is considered one, if not the most hated, villain in the show.

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