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MCU - 5 MCU Villains That Should Never Be On Screen

MCU - 5 MCU Villains That Should Never Be On Screen
MCU Villains That Should Never Be On Screen
The third Phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made it clear that Thanos was The Big bad. With his defeat in Avengers: Endgame, there are so many big villains that an MCU can get under the next Marvel supervillain.

MCU machine isn’t slowing down. With one of the biggest breaks since the early days of the first Phase, it is understood that Marvel has slowed or is unable to keep up the pace with they were going through in the past decade. This is far from the case. MCU is getting ready, and taking time to develop Disney + series and movies, and who knows what else. While fans are waiting, there is a lot of talk about characters that can be the next Villain on screen.

A contentious part of the MCU has been "weak Villains". With their huge reserve of source materials, they have a lot of Villains that Way Powerful to be introduced into the MCU.

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Below is a list of the 5 best villains that should never appear on the screen.


M.O.D.O.K. Stands for mental (/Mobile/Mechanized) designed only for killing. M.O.D.O.K. He started life like George Tarleton, a scientist in advanced ideas mechanics (A.I.M) and he is the poster child of what happens when the line between genius and madness completely disappears.

Used as the Petrie dish for A.I.M. Experiencing with mutation against his will Tarlton was left as a giant head, with no physical body, only tiny appendages. Walk around on a mechanically heavily armed floating chair. In comic books, he is a great villain and worthy of sinister schemes and smarter than most Villains and heroes.

No matter how awesome enemies might be on the printed page, there's not much you can do to get movie fans to take a seriously floating head - no matter how deadly he is. Especially when he has tiny T-Rex arms.


Marvel Hyperion
Hyperion has many iterations within the Marvel universe. Portrayed as a hero and villain, in the grand scheme of things, many see him falling on the side of the villain. Hyperion is another one better on the page then he will be on the screen.

Known as "Marvel's" Superman with his superhuman powers and shady history, the MCU is likely to keep out of Hyperion. Another villain would be one-dimensional, the last thing that MCU villains need. Also, some fans will resist him as evil if they are fans of hero stories. he Shows many potential problems to give him screen time.

The Void

The Void Sentry
Robert Reynolds, a harmless high school student, took a potion and gained superpowers that transformed him into Sentry - all that is light and good. This strength is driven by emotions and can be destroyed if not checked. As a result, another character was created to counter this effect - Void. For everything is the Sentry, The Void is the opposite - dark and evil.

For every person Sentry saves, one will be killed by Void. Though a very complex and developed character, this is just very dark for MCU. This will lead to problems in how to defeat Void and staging the showdowns. It is another story that only works on paper.


Galactus is one of the best villains in Marvel and is simply more powerful to work on screen. He makes Thanos look like a hairdryer with the boost button. Galactus was initially a human being from the planet Taa named Galan. His planet was a paradise, excelling in everything Social and scientific. Before his planet finished forming completely, the Big Bang destroyed everything except Galan.

Galactus is the ultimate cosmic being, and he consumes life-force energies to satisfy its growing hunger. He was never truly defeated, he just became weakened. He is neither driven by good nor evil, but the desire to survive.

Molecule Man

Molecule Man
The Molecule Man is another that very powerful for screen time. Lab tech Owen Reese was a bitter man who felt the world owed him, and when a machine he was working on malfunctioned, it changed his DNA at the molecular level. He had the ability to manipulate all molecules, even forming a life outside the molecules around him.

There is not much to do against that. He has not been used in Comics so much because it is difficult to find scenarios that can defeat him. They are not likely to put that on the screen.

Source: Screenrant

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