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Thor 4 - How Love & Thunder Can Introduce GREEK Gods Into The MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder can introduce the Greek pantheon of gods to the MCU by Christian Bale's role. The Thor franchise has always focused upon the gods from Norse mythology like Odin and his sons Thor, and Loki, however in Marvel Comics the Greek gods also exist in the Marvel Universe, and their presence allows Thor to associate with characters like Hercules, Ares, and Zeus.

after Chris Starring in 3 Solo Movies with Role Thor, and 4 Avengers Chris is reprising his role as Thor in Tohr Love And Thunder, who makes him the First MCU Character to have his Film Series extend, 
and Thor 4, will bring back Valkyrie and his Girlfriend Jane Foster, who did not appear again since 2013 from The Dark World and in this new Movie Jane will wield the Hammer of Thor

Scheduled for a November 2021 release, Thor: Love and Thunder is the 4 and final film on Marvel's slate for next year. Since it's still an honest distance away, not much is understood about what the movie will entail or what challenges lie ahead for Thor and his friends. Theories abound regarding who Thor could fight next, as there are many characters from Thor's rogues' gallery who haven't been adapted yet, like the Asgardian sorceresses Enchantress and Karnilla. Alternatively, Thor might be against a character who has no connection whatsoever with Norse mythology, a member of the Greek pantheon. Here's why Marvel might introduce the Greek gods in Thor: Love and Thunder and the way it could work.

Most Of The Asgardian Gods within the MCU Are Dead

Most Of The Asgardian Gods within the MCU Are Dead
Thor: Ragnarok decimated the Asgardian people when the battle with Hela made Thor and his allies to summon Surtur. Surtur fulfilled the Ragnarok prophecy and obliterated Asgard. Avengers: Endgame shows that a replacement home was found for the Asgardian but the effect that Ragnarok had on Thor's corner of the MCU is irreversible. Thor: Ragnarok killed off the soldiers Three, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and an untold number of Asgardian gods and warriors. Plus, the last two Avengers films cost the MCU both Loki and Heimdall. Though Sif (Jaime Alexander) remains out there somewhere, most of the prominent Asgardian characters are already dead.

Thor: Love and Thunder could presumably introduce a couple of more Asgardian gods, like Balder the Brave, but explaining how they survived Thor: Ragnarok or why they weren't around could prove troublesome if it tries to use too many. What happened to Asgard in Ragnarok limits what it can do with those characters, but that's not necessarily a drag. The comic books have proven that Thor can interact with other gods who have nothing with Asgard. occupation this direction can help the Thor franchise rebuild its cast with new heroes and villains. So because the Thor franchise moves forward, now could also be an honest time for Marvel to introduce a replacement supporting cast by looking outside the Norse myths and therefore the Nine Realms.

Christian Bale Could Play Ares In Thor 4

Christian Bale Could Play Ares In Thor 4
While early January, it had been reported that The Dark Knight trilogy star Christian Bale is in discussions to join the cast of Thor 4 in an undisclosed role. consistent with one report he's playing an "otherworldly" villain, but this hasn't been confirmed. Naturally, the inclusion of such a well-known actor led to an excellent deal of speculation over which Marvel Comics character he could bring to the large screen. Among the names that have been thrown around are Balder the Brave, Beta Ray, Bill, and Ares. Tessa Thompson has since confirmed that Christian Bale is presenting a villain role. This does narrow it down some, at least.

There are several couples of villainous Marvel characters Bale might be playing, but one who seems like a very good fit is Ares. Ares, who is that the God of War and Hercules' biggest villain in Marvel Comics, maybe a brutal and bloodthirsty warrior who thrives on combat and warfare. Over the years, Ares has been portrayed as an anti-hero sometimes, except for the foremost part is depicted as a villain who will do whatever it takes to win.

While playing Batman and different characters, Bale has revealed that he would be excellent for a grim, brooding, no-nonsense villain like Ares. As a living instrument of war, Ares must be physically imposing, and someone whose characters (and the audience) are going to be ready to see as a legitimate threat to Thor. Bale can bring those qualities to Ares on the large screen.

How Thor 4 Can Introduce The Greek Gods To The MCU

How Thor 4 Can Introduce The Greek Gods To The MCU
By having Ares in Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel can usher in an entirely new world to the MCU. Ares is simply one among many Greek gods who populate the Marvel Universe. within the comics, a gateway to a different dimension exists atop Olympus. This dimension is that the home to the Olympian gods, led by Odin's Greek counterpart, Zeus. Thor and therefore the Avengers have had encounters with numerous characters from the dimension of Olympus, like Hercules, Typhon, Poseidon, Hades, Venus, and more. one among them - Hercules - may be a key member of the Avengers who the MCU may have plans to use at some point within the future, given Hercules' importance to the comics.

If Olympus does exist within the MCU, how have they remained hidden for therefore long? First of all, they would not be the primary mysterious race to avoid the spotlight. What's been said about Marvel's Eternals movie confirms that a race of alien immortals has been living on Earth secretly for thousands of years, and it might seem that their enemies, the Deviants, have done a similar. The Greek pantheon might be yet one more race of superhuman beings that have been hiding within the MCU all this time also. As for why they have been ready to stay hidden far away from the rest of the planet, it might be that the Olympians elected to remain in their secret dimension. Ares might be the character who changes that. Ares leaving Olympus and striking out upon the Asgardians who have taken home on Earth could make more to appear. even as Asgard has already presented the MCU with stories for both the Thor and Avengers movies, incorporating Ares and therefore the Greek gods in Thor: Love and Thunder would create new avenues for storytelling which will last for years

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