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Superman Battles Thanos In Awesome Endgame Fan Art

Superman Battles Thanos In Awesome Endgame Fan Art

Superman Battles Thanos In Awesome Endgame Fan Art
Welcome Back Nation TV, The Mad Titan Thanos with Superman in fan art. they both Superman and Thanos are famous comic book characters, albeit of different companies. Marvel dominated cinema last year by the long-awaited  Avengers: Endgame. we saw the Avengers eventually recover the Infinity Stones, and they defeated the Mad Titan Thanos and killed Thanos and his army with it. As described by Josh Brolin, Thanos was the absolute big bad of the Infinity Saga. He made the deaths 
of several Avengers, and in order to kill him, we lost Iron Man and Black Widow.

Supergirl - 5 Heros who Respect her & 5 Who Despise her

Though 2019 was Marvel's year to shine, DC will offer more competition this year. It already published Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) with Margot Robbie. That movie didn't perform as well as expected at the box office but was considered a significant success, with several calling it one of the best DCEU movies so far. Wonder Woman 1984 also will be released next year, giving fans spend more time with Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. Though Marvel has the advantage of time because the MCU has been around far longer than the DCEU, famous characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn have helped even the score.

Now, in the rare DC/Marvel mashup, digital designer truthbynature imagines, Mad Titan Thanos Vs the Classic Hero Man of Steel Superman, the Fight in Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Superman have the Home Advantage, while Superman Cover Thanos with Ice before Thanos Uses his Gauntlett,

The Fortress of Solitude is a large part of Superman's knowledge. In the comics, it's has been located in the Arctic, outside, Metropolis, and many other locations. It's also been shown in most of Superman TV Series and films, including Man of Steel Movie, and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in Supergirl TV Show, Supergirl and Superman has spent a lot of time together there and Supergirl visited the place several times without Superman,

Though Fans will never see a crossover between The MCU And DCEU on Screen, still it's fun to see what might happen between those two,
Considering the loss that The Avengers lost in order to put Thanos down they definitely could use someone Like Superman on their side against this Mad Villain, but It's too bad that the Avengers can't call Superman to help them in their battle against Thanos in Avengers Endgame

Credit: ScreenRant

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