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Avengers Infinity War - Doctor Strange in Iron Man Armor ( Iron Man in Doctor Strange Cape )

avengers infinity war - Iron Man  in Doctor Strange Cape

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Marvel Studios shot Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange in an Iron Man suit in Avengers Infinity War, according to the creator Kevin Smith clerks. The second anniversary of Joe and Anthony Russo's directed flick is slowly approaching, leaving some fans nostalgic. The film is now available on Netflix for streaming until its debut on Disney + this summer, which means fans can easily visit it.

Setting the stage for last year Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War collected all MCU pockets in the hope of stopping Thanos (Josh Brolin) from his sinister plan. This means seeing characters who never met each other before they finally came face to face, including Dr. Strange and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who, despite being both in New York-based hadn't yet to meet up to this point. The couple, albeit few bickering here and there, worked together for most of the film.

As we've seen in the various concept artwork of Infinity War, Doctor Strange and Iron Man were supposed to switch costumes at one point in the movie. The idea never reached the theatrical premiere of the movie, although it was filmed as Smith recently said in the last episode of Fatman Beyond's YouTube show (which has since turned into a private). He said that the photo was shown to him and co-hosted by Mark Bernardine by the film's authors Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely.

Iron Man in Doctor Strange Cape

"There's footage or a photo of Robert Downey Jr wearing the cape that came out long before Infinity War came out, so we know they shot it. We know personally that they shot it because when the writers (came and spoke to us at the house before they left they were like 'You wanna see something?' And they pulled out the phone and literally showed us, not just a drawing cause that's what's going around the internet is there's a drawing and it looks badass, but they showed us, f***in Sherlock, in the Iron Man f***in suit man. Like wearing the suit, with Tony standing next to him wearing the cape, and we were like 'WHAT THE F***,' and they were like 'We can't say, never talk about it.' Then it's out in the world and I'm like 'We saw that photo!' It looked badass."

In the Infinity War behind-the-scenes trailer, there is the second shot of Downey wearing the Strange's Levitation cloak, which gives fans hope for a moment in the movie. That was clearly not the case. There was no shot of Downey in the robe, although he did have some interesting interactions with it. Meanwhile, Cumberbatch has never seen with Iron Man suit, and people only know it thanks to the concept art. It is unclear how it would've worked on the big screen, but given the Downey background with the cape, it looked like it would be part of the action set-piece 
against Thanos. What prompted it and how it would've worked remain a mystery at the moment.

Based on Smith's comment, does this mean that Cumberbatch was wearing a practical Iron Man suit? Fans know that Tony Stark's armor was entirely CGI-ed, as Downey was basically wearing sweat, so it's curious how they shot a strange in one of his armor in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans want to see the picture Smith talks about in the video, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day is unknown, However, if he does say it exists, it is likely that it is only a matter of time before it makes its way online.

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