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Lucifer - How Well Do you know Ella Lopez

Lucifer - How Well Do you know Ella Lopez

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One of the best cast additions to Lucifer comes in the S2. This was when Ella Lopez (Amy Garcia) joined the cast. Ella offers a ray of sunlight to everyone she meets from humans to celestial. We definitely love our favorite CSI!

Ella is proof that regardless of the skeletons in your closet, you can come from the other side with optimism and hope. Ella is an inspiration for how to gracefully pass through the darkest times in our lives.

While Ella has gone through an intense journey over the course of Lucifer, it is time to take an Ella Lopez test to see how well you know one of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) best friends.

Ella is easy, friendly and quick to greet Chloe and Lucifer hugging. She also appears to be quick to trust people and enjoy making jokes, even at her own expense. She has a mischievous side,

Ella also talks about faith a lot. Religion is a large part of her life, as evidenced by her favor from Lucifer, with whom she went to church. To Lucifer's surprise, you think Satan gets bad rape. She does not believe that rebelling against his father and providing Eve an apple makes him evil. However, she believes he runs Hell "with torture and eternal damnation" is "not great."

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