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Lucifer Season 5 Theory - Ella Lopez Is Going To Hell

Lucifer Season 5 Theory - Ella Lopez Is Going To Hell

Lucifer Season 5 Theory - Ella Lopez Is Going To Hell
Welcome Back Nation TV. recently Netflix confirmed that Lucifer Season 5 who also possible will be the end of this beautiful Series that the show Lucifer will air in 2020. It will consist of 16 episodes. there’s an amazing Lucifer theory which has made its way on the internet Theory suggests that Ella Lopez Will die and goes to Hell. we going to have to wait Lucifer Season 5 Back in 2020. While the fans quietly waiting for Lucifer Season 5, There are some mad fans got creative and came up with fan theories 

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Ella Lopez is known on the show that she is the kindest Character do you imagine what lucifer will think when he sees her in hell!

But Reddit user came up with this crazy theory. Season 4 of the show ended with Lucifer sacrificing his love for the detective Chloe Decker and returned to hell to prevent any further demons from coming to Earth. the biggest question that all the fans waiting on how lucifer will come out of hell and goes to earth

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let's Take a look at this fan theory:

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Ella Lost Her faith and goes to Hell, As True fans know Ella was struggling with her faith in god in season 4, and this interesting situation where Ella is faithless and she is ready to do anything, theory suggest that Ella has to choose in accident and she is forced to choose in two hard choices either someone she love she has to save him or the diamond thief her brother dies and she starts turning dark to take revenge for her big brother the thief, so either choice on her she will be making a big sin and she could die and goes to Lucifer in hell, and the theory goes, that lucifer will find Ella in hell and he will think that this is a mistake, lucifer believes in his friend Ella and that Ella might get raw deal like Lucifer did in previous season and his father cast him out of heaven, so the theory that Lucifer will not let Ella in hell and he will take her on earth and the both of them start new journey and start looking for their redemption

This Reddit User suggests that we will See The Appearance of the Archangel Michael in Lucifer Season 5, Michael, the leader of God’s army against the rebellion of Lucifer. Michael feels that Lucifer and Ella are upsetting the natural order of life. He goes down to Earth with a mission to send Ella to hell.

Now we all know Lucifer isn’t just going to stand there and let Michael do whatever he wants. This will result in a fighting battle and Michael will try to kill Ella, and then Lucifer won't let that happen and whoever he will get in their way, even possibly Chloe too. As in the final moments, Michael would lose his control and starts blaming Lucifer for everything wrong and for what happened to earth because of him. And This Hatred that Michael will have will Turn him into The New Devil. Quite similar to the ending of season 3, where Cana AKA Pierce tells Lucifer that he can never outrun who he truly is, what he has done, we’ll see Michael’s eyes turn red with hatred and anger for Lucifer. Chloe, Ella, and Lucifer will die. And Michael will Fall Like Lucifer did one due to his rebellion!
Lucifer ends up in Heaven, after all, in This theory, the final scene starts with Lucifer waking up with all of this flowers around him, not like those that are on earth, as he begins to pull himself together, we will see hand enter the shot embracing his hand and after a peculiar look on his face a single tear falls from lucifer's eye, and lucifer turns to see Chloe By His side in The Meadow, Chloe Doesn't seem too surprised by Where They are, but this is not a place lucifer was familiar with before the war with god but he doesn't care and they become very emotional that they are somehow still together, in the end, all end up in heaven together, they imagine Ella appearing by Lucifer and Chloe's side and asking if they are ready before they walk through, Chloe turns to lucifer and says I love you lucifer he responds by saying you have always been my one true love but my name is Samael the three walkthroughs and the series over

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Reddit User Theory Name: Sent_Angel_Of_Death 

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