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Lucifer - Comparison between Comic Lucifer and Show Lucifer

Lucifer - Comparison between Comic Lucifer and Show Lucifer

Lucifer - Comparison between Comic Lucifer and Show Lucifer
Welcome Back Nation TV, Today we gonna talk about Lucifer Morningstar From (TV Show) And Lucifer From (Comic) not all of Lucifer Fans Read the Comic but I'm going to list few things that show us the difference between them like Relationships and his connection with God and other angels and his powers and abilities 

  • Wings:

Comic Lucifer - he wanted his wings back so he travels into another realm where he is mortal, he kills some demons with his bare hands and he does his usual things outsmart other demi(gods) to kill themselves just to get his wings back.
well on the other hand Show Lucifer - got his wings without asking for them and he always cut them off again and he Always complains about it constantly.

  • Lucifer Relationship with God and predestination:

On Comic Lucifer - he didn't care about his father and he created his own cosmos, a cosmos without God.

Lucifer on the show - always complains about his father's plan and how he always uses Lucifer, Lucifer wants to make his own dissensions but he always complains Constantly about it.

  • Relationships:

Comic Lucifer: is Prides of himself about not needing anyone and he doesn't care about anything or what others may think of him. he loves to kick-ass demons, who want him because he is awesome. 
Show Lucifer: always cares about what others think of him and he cares a lot of humans and he loves them and has two many friends, unlike comic he doesn't have so many and he always complains about mortals accuse him of what sins they do.

  • Combat:

Comic Lucifer: Even when he is weak he still the guys that you don't mess with, even there are points in the comic where is Lucifer doesn't have his powers he still was a badass 

Show Lucifer: he Gets locked in a fridge and can't get out event when Chloe wasn't there and he has all of his powers. he gets kicked by a fat lady. despites in season 1 he was throwing people bigger than his size with Chloe around him

  • Intelligence and Emotional maturity

comic Lucifer: he outsmarts several Gods not just one god but several gods, demons, and angels. he Understands everyone's motivation and uses it against them. He always keeps his feelings under control. even when he threatened he still calm, under attack or while losing a battle. he doesn't get angry easily you have to do a lot to make him angry and if you did you better run,

Show Lucifer: Lucifer in the show is all about his feelings. he Gets outsmarted several times by idiotic mortals. he even got manipulated by his demon maze when she helps Cain so she can go home.

  • Agency

comic Lucifer: His will is what defines him. If he wants to get something, it doesn't matter what he will face or what obstacles he will face, he will use or do anything he can do so he gets it and will face his Father if necessary.

Show Lucifer: In season 2 and season 3 especially, he will complain about everything not going his way, Dad getting in his way. Things happen around him, not because of him. He's reacting to stuff instead of doing stuff.

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