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Lucifer - The Most Powerful Characters On Lucifer Ranked

Lucifer - The Most Powerful Characters On Lucifer Ranked

Lucifer - The Most Powerful Characters On Lucifer Ranked
Welcome back to Top Nation. every character in Lucifer show are very complex and complicated and the story revolves around the devil Lucifer who lives in left hell and came to Los Angeles to Punch Evil and The sinners and protect the good ones. Lucifer loves to solve various murder cases Detective Chloe Decker and they also take help from other humans friends in doing so. So we’ll discuss different characters on this show and rank them accordingly.

10. Detective Dan Espinoza
Daniel is the ex-husband of Detective Chloe Decker and he is an LAPD detective. His character always seems clueless and unawares of Lucifer and his True Nature. He is definitely not the smartest or most powerful character in the series but he is a good co-worker who cares about the people he works with.

9. Charlotte Richards
Charlotte Richards is The Shark We Know She Has more than what she actually seems to be and she is very stubborn and She Always uses her intelligence and brilliance to her success. She was also inhabited by the Goddess Lucifer Mother and God's Ex-Wife She is the most powerful being on earth, but she left the universe alongside her body afterward.

8. Chloe Decker
Detective Chloe Decker, She is So Special On The Show She can affect Lucifer and makes him vulnerable. But in the end, she is also a mortal but don't mess around with her even the devil himself admitted that she is very clever and no case has ever stopped her and also she has the Devil on Her Side.

Lucifer - Creator hinted that Chloe could be an Angel

7. Cain
The World First Murder and he masquerade as Marcus Pierce The  Lieutenant. He was cursed by god he is an immortal who is forced to work for his crimes the entire eternity. He doesn't have Special Powers or anything but his immortality is his advantage.

6. Mazikeen
Mazikeen Our Favorite Demon Who Came Alongside with the Devil From Hell As His Protector She also a Bounty Hunter On Earth, which makes her a multi-faced character. She can be in control in every situation and can take down her opponents easily and without any hesitation.

5. Uriel
The Angel Uriel’s is very clever as well he is so dangerous and he has the least morals of all the other angels. He can Expect anyone movements and he can Manipulation any Object That Leads anyone To death or not is powers are so dangerous

4. Amenadiel
 Amenadiel is God’s favorite son and he appeared on season one to make lucifer come back to rule hell all we know about him in heaven that he never loses a fight against his younger sibling. and He protects his younger sibling from any threats he faces.

3. Lucifer Morningstar
not because he doesn't have horns or tail don't mistake him and don't fall in his charm he is the Devil Himself, he left hell to live in Los Angelos The City of angels but he has a new path He Punish Evil and the sinners with the help of Detective Chloe to protect the good ones.

Ranking And Comparing The Different Portrayals Of The Devil Lucifer

2. Goddess
god, ex-wife who can take this place but her she is the most powerful being on earth, of course, she wasn't in her full Power's And Yet She Did manage To Single handed beat Lucifer like he was nothing She Is  The Goddess of all creations. She was Banished in hell because she tried to destroy humanity that was created by God.

Lucifer - What Happened to The Goddess

1. God
God As The G O D Himself Lucifer Dad His Power's are beyond the understanding He Can Do What Ever The Hell He Wants. We didn't see many of him in the show. but He can destroy all if he wants but We Don't Know What He Can Do Or what is powers and intentions are hopefully we can see it on the final season of the show

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