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Ranking And Comparing The Different Portrayals Of The Devil Lucifer

Ranking And Comparing The Different Portrayals Of The Devil Lucifer
There are numerous different takes on the character of Satan AKA Lucifer by various different talented actors. It’s hard to settle on which portrayal of the character is superior. Today we at Top Nation are counting down our top Seven portrayals of Lucifer.

1. John Milton/Satan From ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ (1997). Portrayed by Al Pacino.

Al Pacino has also played the Devil, he’s the head of a successful law firm in New York and is named John Milton. John Milton, the name comes from the author of Paradise Lost which is about the fall of man. This portrayal of the devil is a slippery conman which is brilliantly played by Al Pacino who uses his power of temptation and manipulation to corrupt you.

2. Lucifer Morningstar From ‘Lucifer’ (2016-). Portrayed by Tom Ellis.

The TV show ‘Lucifer’ centers around Lucifer Morningstar who decides to take a vacation from ruling Hell and he arrives in Los Angeles where he opens up a nightclub. The character of Lucifer is brilliantly played by Tom Ellis. Lucifer is the protagonist of the whole story. The entire show centers around him, Lucifer learning to accept who he truly is. He’s trying to balance the goodness and the necessary evil in him. This Lucifer doesn't want to destroy the world, but all he wants is a place to belong to. He just wants to live on and enjoy his life without any terms or plans . as the show progresses, Lucifer always in battles with his demons, he wants to choose who he truly is not live by god's terms or plans.

3. Lucifer From ‘Supernatural’ (2009-). Portrayed by Mark Pellegrino.

When Lucifer is escaped from the cage where is father/god put him and he was locked for all eternity, he plans is to destroy all mankind just to prove his old man that humans are not better than angels. The character of Lucifer has gone through many transformations, initially, he was the god’s beloved, but the mark which was the key to Darkness’ cage corrupted him so he was cast out. This Lucifer can be funny at times, but make no mistake he can be very ruthless, manipulative, and wouldn’t mind snapping his fingers to end your existence in a second.

4. The Dark Lord/Lucifer Morningstar From ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. Portrayed by Gavin Leatherwood.

The Dark Lord from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the worshipping figure of the Church of the Night. He loves to have a good time, he’s charismatic and would definitely captivate your attention. However, this lucifer is unlike the previous one, he has no plan to become a self-actualized person. Lucifer Just wants to see the end of the world,. 

5. Lord Of Darkness From ‘Legend’ (1985). Portrayed by Tim Curry. 

The movie centers around Jack who has to stop The Devil from stealing the power of light by murder magical unicorns that protect it and covering it with eternal darkness. Tim Curry’s portrayal of the lord of darkness with classic hooves-horns and red skin makeup is considered to be one of the most iconic pictures in the history of fantasy cinema.

6. Lucifer From ‘Constantine’ (2005). Portrayed by Peter Stormare.

Lucifer's portrayal by Peter Stormare doesn't care about the world ending he just wants John Constantine Soul,. John Constantine commits suicide so that he summon Lucifer to warn and tells him about his intention and conspiracy against him. The devil being fair grants favor to John in exchange for the information. John uses his favor to save someone else’s life and sacrifices his own which grants him a place in heaven. 

7. Louis Cyphre From Angel Heart (1987). Portrayed by Rober De Niro. 

Robert De Niro’s combat the devil is one among the foremost terrifying portrayals of Satan. albeit the screen time is restricted, but he justified the character with every subtle mannerism, gesture, and expression. It’ such an underrated film.

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