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Lucifer - 8 Differents From TV Lucifer & Comics Lucifer

Lucifer - 8 Differents From TV Lucifer & Comics Lucifer

Welcome, Top Nation. The TV show Lucifer is loosely based on the comics ‘The Sandman’. Lucifer was canceled by the Network FOX after season 3, but The Fans decided to save the Show, the show was picked by Netflix. Like other DC Shows such as Gotham and Arrow, the show Lucifer also uses only the basics of its source material from the comics and then goes on tellings its own original story. A lot has developed in the translation of the comics to the television screen.
in the comics, the storyline was focused on Lucifer embarking upon a journey to save all the creation. He interacted with different dimensions and many worlds. But In The TV Series version, we saw Lucifer solving crimes with detective Chloe.

In the TV Show, when Lucifer left hell to live on earth, he left the throne to live on earth with humans. But he committed a very big mistake, hell was falling apart in his absence. And God Sends Amanadiel To Return Lucifer To Rule Hell Again. But in the comics,  Hell was fine without his king after his retirement. God had a contingency plan in case Lucifer ever Leave Hell. A pair of angels were tricked by God in ruling hell.
In the Series, we see Lucifer Cares About His Friends And The Good Humans And Defend them by Working in The Police to Solve Crimes. This prompts him to work alongside detective Chloe Decker to bring criminals to justice. However in the comics, Lucifer's dad has a mission for Lucifer, he can name any price for this mission.

Lucifer left hell the did face his Angelic Brother Amenadiel. An angel who Hate Lucifer To Much and loyalty for god. In the comics, he is a supporting enemy, he defeated by Lucifer and dies. However, in the Series, his character is in transformation were questioning God’s plans and work with Lucifer on earth.
Lucifer is known for not having too many friends, but Mazziken is The Demon that was with him from the beginning. and She knows the devil than any other soul. In The Comics She has always been loyal to Lucifer in the comics. The show, her Character counterpart has betrayed Lucifer on a few occasions.


The Lucifer in the comics was originally a sociopath who later started valuing a few allies, but still, he is not bothered by others, cares only for himself. While On The Series Lucifer showed an emotional and doesn't care about himself as he does for his Friends.

The comics show the free will and destiny. since Lucifer creation, He Only Wanted one thing in his life to Control his Choices by himself, The show also explores such a theme of a free will, but it toned down. We get to see more of the themes such as honesty and love.

Lucifer's character was published by Vertigo Comics and he is a part of DC comics. We saw many crossovers in the comics, as Lucifer meet John Constantine. But FOX didn’t own the rights to DC comic characters so they didn't do any crossover but when Netflix picked up lucifer we got to see Lucifer In Arrowverse Crossover.

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