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Lucifer - 8 Reasons Why You Need Lucifer In Your Life

Lucifer - 8 Reasons Why You Need Lucifer In Your Life
Welcome Back Nation TV, Lucifer The Lord of Hell And The Fallen Angel, Dark Lord, he will be Back Soon enough for Season 5 we Hope it's not the end of the Show because This show made us fall in Lucifer with The Devil Himself 

Netflix Wants to Renew Lucifer For Season 6

This show is not just about Hell Or Heaven it's Focus on Lucifer Himself And Few More Character's like Detective Chloe Decker the Miracle of god This show have a lot to offer like Romance between the Devil and the Beauty Detective or Comedy Daniel Detective douche And other Characters like Demon Maze, Doctor Linda, and The Show is Based on the Vertigo Comic Book

1. The Devil Knows Your Desires!

Lucifer has his own gift from God Makes him Knows Every Human Deepest Desires He is Charming and Funny will make you fall in love with him from the first sight 

2. Lucifer Is Police Procedural Drama

Lucifer Show is Basically is all about The Police And at every episode, we see New Crime New Villain in the show but lucifer always develop with every season we have seen his first and second season was not at his best in the storyline but since Netflix picked up the Show and The Is getting even better

3. Lucifer Is Based On A Comic Book!

Lucifer First appearance was in Neil Gaiman's Comic Book " The SandMan" The Character has his own Spin off now The Show is all about Lucifer life on earth after Leaving Hell Behind with his Bodyguard Demon Maze written by Mike Carey,

Comparison between Comic Lucifer and Show Lucifer

4. He can Make fun of any Lines.

Lucifer is not just Lord of hell, he also hilarious Character and always make fun of people Names Whatever their name is The King of Hell always find a way to make a joke out of it

5. The Women Are Badass

While the Series is about lucifer The Show also has Strong Smart womens that can kickass Those Women can make you invested in this show The brilliant Chloe Decker to Lucifer Bodyguard Maze those characters can hold their own on any situation
Lucifer is not only the Badass Character on the 

6. Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Will Steal Your Heart

Tom Ellis is British Actor he has his own way in this Amazing Character he Played Lucifer Very Well Surely you Will Love This Actor After just 1 or 2 Episode from The Show and then you will not want the show to ever end

7. The Devil Has An Angelic Voice

do You Love Music? Then you better watch This Show Lucifer is Not just Pretty Face he has is Angelic Voice that will make you Fall deep in his music on The Show He makes soundtrack better than any main Character on any other Show

8. You Never Know What’s Going To Happen Next!

in any other Show, you At some point can guess what is going to happen next This show has too many Twist, Lucifer And Chloe Was meant to be Together from The beginning but There is a lot of twists that prevent them to get with each other we hope in Season 5 They do get Together Forever

So if you are a true fan of Lucifer Please Feel Free to Share with us Your Favorite Part of This Amazing Show 

Lucifer Season 5 - What to Expect & Episodes titles

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