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Lucifer Season 5 Theory suggests that Chloe Die and go to Hell

Welcome back to Nation. Lucifer season 5 will mark the top of the series. The finale of season 4 saw the king of hell returning to hell and bidding goodbye to his love. Since Lucifer is in Hell, the devil must be brought back on the world, but how? There’s a rumor happening that we'd see a well-known face making its entry in hell in season 5 of Lucifer, but who could it be? Also, we'd see the debut of Lilith on Lucifer.

There are tons of speculations about who it'll be, it might be Eve (Inbar Lavi), Chloe Decker (Lauren German), Lilith or even God.

We saw Lucifer and Chloe parting ways, the couple will eventually reunite, there are many theories explaining how these two will meet in an unexpected place and under unexpected circumstances. There are theories that Chloe will visit hell to seek out Lucifer, but she may be a person in order that rules out the likelihood of her ending up in hell. She won’t take her life or become a neighborhood of some hocus pocus to satisfy Lucifer.

A Reddit theory claims that Chloe Decker might die during a shootout while doing her duty, she goes to hell for loving the devil. Also, Chloe’s body could be possessed by Lilith who plans to satisfy Lucifer in hell. Now when Lucifer notices that Lilith is missing, he arrives on Earth to bring Lilith to hell, alongside Chloe since Lilith is inside Chloe’s body.

The theory further says that Chloe Decker might become a queen of hell, reunited with Lucifer. Now the duo cannot return to Earth without some divine intervention. Enter God. we'd see a reunion of God and Lucifer within the final season.

God might take a visit to hell to assist Lucifer to redeem himself and obtain back together with his true love. Also, we'll see Eve making a return. Since the first sinner Left l. a. and Maze goes to seek out her, this ambiguous ending leaves an area for her return.

But the showrunners expressed that they have a story to form Eve’s return slot in. Our demon Maze also deserves a cheerful ending and perhaps Eve is that the one one that can provide her that happiness.

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