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Lucifer Season 5 Theory - Chloe Is Going To Hell To Save Lucifer

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While Netflix has announced officially a go sign for Season 5 of "Lucifer", fans are already busy speculating what will happen in the next season. Fortunately, the show's lead actor, Tom Ellis, along with writers Ildy Modrovic and Joe Henderson, teased some details about what will come next season.

One of the things the trio teased during Instagram's Q&A is that the familiar face of the series fans will descend into hell to give Lucifer a visit. Unfortunately, none of the three gave any further details about the identity of this visitor.

"Hitler?" Ildy Modrovich Teased. Joe Henderson answered, "Maybe."
On this note, a few fan theories suggest that Chloe can go to hell to save Lucifer this time. However, this will not happen, according to Tom Ellis.
"Well, how on earth will she do that?" The actor asked. "What a silly question!"
One popular theory among fans is that Chloe may be an angel herself. Unfortunately, the trio did not directly answer this question, but the author admitted that "Lauren is [Angel]!"

Meanwhile, Season Five will shed more light on the prophecy that Father Kinley made in the previous season. The priest said: 

"When Devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil will be released."

Ildy Modrovich admitted that at this point, the show was not really clear what Father Kinley meant.

 "The prophecy, we did not fully explain it, and this is true. Is evil being released ... Is evil being released from Lucifer ?" The author said, hinting that "Lucifer" Season 5 could clear things up.

Meanwhile, fans who want to see Ellis bare more skin just might get in Season 5 of "Lucifer". While the actor showed his bare butt last season, he will be better next season as he is likely to go fully off.

Currently, Netflix has announced the renewal of "Lucifer" for Season 5. However, it is interesting to note that when Ellis and the two writers answer fan questions, they always include the phrase "if there is a season ahead" their responses.

While they have officially confirmed, one can’t help but feel that Season Six might happen. Make sure to follow us and get the latest updates in this series.

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