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Lucifer - How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer - How Well Do You Remember Lucifer Season 4

Welcome to Nation TV. in Season 3 We saw Detective Chloe Decker sees the true Face of Lucifer Morningstar who is really the devil. after Chloe sees Lucifer's true face, Chloe has disappeared and Lucifer is depressed wondering how Chloe is processing the revelation. But Chloe came back soon and gets back at solving crimes. The first Episode was shocking at her end The Episode Revealed that Chloe is Meeting with a Priest that is working with her on sending the Devil Back To Hell,

Lucifer - How Well Do you Know The Deckerstar?

In a flashback, we soon discover that while Chloe’s vacation, she came across a priest who also knows the true identity of the devil. He convinces Chloe that Lucifer is certainly evil and his appearance on earth will only create chaos and destruction. and that Lucifer needs to be sent back to hell where he truly belongs. Chloe was believing everything the priest says She even tried to send Lucifer back to Hell.

But after Chloe came Back and talks with Lucifer and Remember her Partner, not the Devil she Dissolves the Agreement with the Priest after the priest plan failed, he decided to talk with Lucifer himself and Manipulates him by what is Chloe was doing in her Vacation and that she thinks that he is the true Devil and she wants to send you back to kill, but Chloe Came to accept Lucifer for who he is, and she is not scared of his Devil Face anymore, and in the end, Lucifer Revealed that Chloe was his First before he goes back to Hell

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